age better with moles

Age Better With Moles?

Having lots of moles may be a free ticket to aging gracefully. Age Better With Moles? In study performed by King’s College in London, scientists found that the more moles a person had, the more likely their DNA was to have properties that fight off aging.

The researchers looked at the telomere length in cells of 1,800 twins. Telomeres are bundles of DNA found in all cells that protect chromosome ends, similar to the plastic tips on shoelaces that keep them from unraveling. Since telomeres get shorter as we age, they are also good indicators of how the heart, muscle, bones and arteries are aging.

Telomere length was found to be longer among people with a lot of moles (more than 100) than those with only a few (less than 25). In all, the extra telomere length amounted to the equivalent of six to seven years of aging!

Conventionally, having a lot of moles has been considered a risk factor for skin cancer, but this study points to a positive effect of moles on telomeres.

On average, people with white skin tend to have about 30 moles, though some may have up to 400. The function of moles, along with why some people have more than others, is currently unknown.