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Auberge Resorts Joins Green Spas Network


lauberge-de-sedonaAuberge Resorts today announced its companywide membership in the Green Spas Network, the premiere spa industry association dedicated to bringing greening and sustainability to the health, wellness and beauty community.  All of the spas at Auberge Resorts properties in Napa Valley, Southern California, Mexico and South Carolina, along with the first property under its new Solage brand, have joined the network.  With this move, Auberge Resorts becomes the first company in the hotel industry to make a corporate-level commitment to sustainable spa operations.

Auberge Resorts has been a supporter of the green spas movement since Tracy Lee, Vice President Spa Development and Operations, served on a sustainability task force for the International Spa Association (ISPA) three years ago and helped focus the industry on the need for greater environmental stewardship.  The Spa at Calistoga Ranch helped pioneer the Green Spa Network as one of the original “seed spas” in 2006 by participating in comprehensive eco audits, identifying and sharing best practices with other seed spas and the network’s leadership.  

At the same time, Auberge Resorts properties were incorporating a variety of green practices, not only in the spas, but also throughout the resorts.  All Auberge and Solage properties phased out harmful chemicals such as parabens and SLS from their signature bath amenities; switched exclusively to non-toxic cleaning products for housekeeping; introduced chlorine alternatives in swimming and spa pools; increased recycling and composting programs, among other initiatives. 

“Our belief in environmental stewardship and personal well-being has been part of the Auberge Resorts identity for many years,” said Lee. “Protecting the precious natural settings that surround our resorts, goes hand in hand with enhancing the quality of life for our guests and staff.  Supporting the Green Spa Network is a natural extension of the Auberge Resorts brand.”

As part of its commitment to the Green Spa Network, Auberge Resorts will help set the standards for environmentally sound spa practices by:

Providing and promoting earth-friendly products, services and business practices;
Networking and sharing environmental awareness, resources and inspiration and throughout the spa community; and
Sharing efforts with spa guests to raise their awareness of the connection between the wellbeing of guests, resort staff and the environment. 
About the Green Spas Network
The Green Spas Network, founded by Michael Stusser, founder of Northern California’s Osmosis Spa, was established to bring sustainable operating practices to the spa industry, and to promote the natural connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability, and the health of the planet.  Its goals are to bring sustainable practices to the spa industry, facilitate education, research and alliances in sustainable business practices, and promote the natural connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and health of the planet.

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