Spa Getaway and Vacation


Planning a Spa Getaway and Vacation:

Do you need to plan some time for yourself?

Are you looking for a way to escape the stresses of daily life?

spa getawayIt might be a perfect time to plan a spa getaway for a day or a Spa Getaway and Vacation. Visiting a spa provides you with an opportunity to relax, unwind, and spend some time focusing on your own physical and mental well-being. Whether you visit a spa alone or with friends or loved ones, you’re sure to be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go after you spend a few days recharging your batteries. The options are endless when it comes to spas and relaxation vacations.

There are more than 12,000 spas in the USA, where everything from the yoga and meditation to the mud baths and massages are presented a la carte on the menu. However, choosing the right spa vacation is a vital part of the planning process. With options ranging from day spas to medical spas to mineral spring spas, it’s hard to know where to begin. With so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and possibly overspend. In order to get the best experience for your vacation, first determine what you’re in the mood for, and then decide where you’d like to go, as well as what type of spa fits your tastes.

What type of spa do you want to visit?

Day spa: A business offering services by the hour or day

Resort / hotel spa: The spa is a feature of the lodging property, much like a hotel casino, restaurant, or boutique

Destination spa: A facility with coordinated programs of cuisine, fitness, healthy living education, and traditional pampering

Medical spa: Spas offering services administered by medical professionals, usually in the areas of health and wellness or aesthetic and cosmetic treatments

What is your Budget?

Yes, cost counts when looking at spa vacations. Whether you’re planning a cheap spa vacation or looking for a luxury spa resort, it’s important to have a budget mind before looking. For resort spas deals, Conde Nast Traveler categorizes facilities charging $249 or less per day (including accommodations) as low-end, and those costing upwards of $450 per day as high-end. The price of destination spa deals will vary by services and length of stay. However, as destination spas are more all-inclusive in nature, prices can run the gamut of $200 to $1,200 per day. Day and medical spas will have rates customized to the services performed.

What do you want included in your costs?

Does the price of the spa package include hotel rooms, food and spa treatments? Are exercise classes, golf course access and special excursions part of the spa price? What service charges are included in the overall price? For example, is gratuity automatically included in the price of your treatments, or will you be expected to tip after each spa service? Just going for the Day? You may want to maximize what you get for your dollar, do you just want to get in and out for your service for the hour or are the accommodations important to you, sauna, steam room, showers, yoga classes included?  How can you save money? Budget spa-goers can book cheap spa services if your dates are flexible and you do your research. Consider booking a package deal. You may get a better rate (both on the room and the spa services) than by choosing services a la carte. Visit during off-peak times. If you’re not sure when the high-demand or occupancy times are at the spa you wish to visit, Let Spavelous do the leg work for you or contact the resort facility manager to inquire about the most affordable times of year to visit, and plan your trip accordingly. Longer stays and midweek visits are also usually available at competitive prices.

Check out Last minute vacation spa deals at Spavelous Vacation Spa Deals or Resort Spa Deals for ideas. Compare, compare, compare. If you’re staying at a resort or hotel spa, check out the offerings at other hotel spas in the area. Many have day spa packages that include pampering services as well as the use of hotel facilities (pools, fitness centers, etc.), and you won’t have to pay for a room rate. You may find that mixing and matching day offers at different hotels, rather than choosing a comprehensive package at one hotel, can save money. If you like where you stayed, make plans to go back and get on their mailing list. Many spas offer loyalty programs and special pricing for return visitors. Bring friends or family members. You may be able to request group discounts or get better accommodations rates for having more than one or two occupying a room. Who is going with you and how many?  To make your spa experience the most enjoyable, keep the following tips in mind: Not sure what type of treatment you’d like? Read Spavelous’ Spa Terminology familiarize yourself with different types of spas and treatments. 

For greater detail, read the Spavelous Now you are in the Know Spa Magazine for specific treatments or view the spa videos in the Spa TV area to see the treatments being performed.  Book spa treatments well in advance. Without advance spa booking, you run the risk of not getting the services you’d like, or perhaps not getting scheduled for your treatments at all. In addition, look into booking spa treatments during off-peak hours or during the week to get greater availability, and perhaps a discount. Plan to spend more if you schedule complicated, trendy, or exotic treatments. Services exclusive to a resort, generally are not included in a spa package program.  Arrive early for your appointments do not show up late or at the exact start time of your appointment. 

Please read the Spa Etiquette area if you are a spa first timer. For greater information, you may want to read How to Spa Questions and Answers. You will want to relax and get settled in, as well as to get the full time allotted for your treatment. If you arrive late, that’s less time to enjoy the service you’re paying for. Inquire to see if tips are included. If not, expect to tip about 15 – 20 percent.

Vacation spa resorts are the perfect destination with facilities available for singles, couples, adults-only and families, with a wide range of activities and treatments, So how do you find the right spa for you? What are your Spa Getaway Goals? No one spa is alike. Some cater to specific treatments including acupuncture and reflexology, while other spas have a menu of options for you to choose from. When booking a spa vacation, first consider your goals. Next, match your goals with what the spa focuses on so you can select the right one for you.

Consider these questions when booking a spa getaway: What type of services do you want from the spa? What do you want to accomplish with spa treatments? Are you interested in exercise and/or nutritional services? Is a spiritual and/or religious atmosphere important to you? There is a difference between an all inclusive spa vacation and a vacation at a five-star spa. All inclusive spas offer everything from the typical spa services to nutritional analysis and diet-specific meals; golfing, yoga and hiking activities, sometimes they have fixed start dates for going. A day spa, which is sometimes located at a resort or hotel, offers mainly a la carte spa treatments. Before you decide, determine what is important to you that will help to narrow the options.

Today, there are more spa destinations that ever before to choose from. The offerings include: Golf Spas Romantic Spas Spas for Bachelor and bachelorette parties Girlfriend Getaways Mancations Bed & Breakfast Spas Wine Country Spas Beach Spas Resort Spas Day Spas Destination Spas Weight loss Spas Holistic Spas …and so many more Activities Many spas offer unique indoor and outdoor activities, including year-round golf and snorkeling, tennis, motivational classes, presentations on health and nutrition, winter skiing, summer tubing and water rafting, ballooning, horseback riding, skydiving, shopping, kayaking, and a fitness center with yoga, Pilates and tai chi classes. Some also offer medical facilities and preventive medicine. Besides going to the spa, how else do you plan to spend your day? Once your narrow your options by determining your goals, contact us or the spas that interest you and request a menu of spa services. Find out what is included the price of the service (use of locker rooms, sauna, steam rooms, pools, fitness centers, etc.)

If you’re heading to a luxury spa resort it’s important to find out the following: Spa Treatments Spa treatments vary depending on the location you choose although most spas offer a minimum of massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, exfoliating body treatments, hot stone massage and hydrotherapy sessions. If you want a higher level of training spa services (cranial sacral, acupressure, Thai massage, shiatsu, ayurvedic, color or sound therapy), or one that is indigenous to the area (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Indian Sweat Lodge, Hot springs) you may need to consider locations that provide these treatments exclusively.  Dining Some of the country’s top luxury spas, offers organic food, vegetarian or vegan meals and host cooking demonstrations. Choosing There are numerous spa resorts to choose from in all corners of the world. Start planning now for the perfect vacation. Spavelous will be happy to help you narrow down the right spa for you. Just complete this form so we can select some options for you.

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