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616 NW 65th St.
Seattle, Washington 98107


$40 for $80 Worth of Waxing and Salon Services for Men and Ladies at BaBaLouise  


For $40, you get $80 worth of waxing and salon services at BaBaLouise on Northwest 65th Street.

Amid a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, BaBaLouise patrons can acquire top-notch hair trimming and waxing services that will leave them prim and sleek enough to bait complimentary remarks from coworkers and dolphin. The salon’s talented staff of stylists and voodoo hair-hexers will expertly shape coiffures and diminish bushy follicle foliage among lads and lassies alike. Men can achieve a sustainable hair farm with a buzz cut ($10+), while locks of a more ladylike length can get judiciously edited with long cut or bob ($36+). Shed seconds off morning commute times and bobsled-style grocery-cart sprints down frozen food aisles with a full leg wax ($65), chest wax ($28), or a professional Brazilian wax ($65) and finally break the sound barrier on your Slip ‘n Slide.

Besides maintaining your own mane, BaBaLouise Salon’s high-quality waxing and hair-snipping services make a great gift for the caveman who has been thawed from a block of ice found in the backyard or for a garbage-collecting Sesame Street character.


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