bacara resort spa

Bacara Resort Spa

8301 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117

Where the Bacara Resort Spa of Renewal Meets the Bounty of the Sea

Set above the calming blue waters of the Pacific, The Bacara Resort Spa is one of the great luxury spas. It’s a place where cares vanish into ocean breezes, where your well-being is elevated and celebrated, and where every experience is infused with the gift of a genuinely better way to live. In a world that often demands more than we can give, this 42,000 square-foot luxury spa in Santa Barbara invites you to slow down and relish the present.

Recognized as one of the finest spas in the world, The Bacara Resort Spa is spectacular in every way, from its beautiful architecture and incredible array of services to its expert staff. 

As global leaders in spa, Bacara Resort Spa is found in prestigious spas across five continents and is dedicated to producing results-driven, natural skincare loved by men and women alike. Bacara Resort Spa ensures skin looks its best at every stage of life with effective, award-winning products that are continually tested by a global network of professional therapists. An exclusive selection of Bacara Resort Spa luxury spa products is now available for purchase at Bacara.

Beyond our Luxury Spa Resort

Soak in nature’s beauty as you workout among enchanted hiking trails, or use our 3,500 square foot fitness center with a profusion of classes, including yoga and pilates. The Spa Café also offers a healthy selection of the best of local, organic treasures from farm and ocean.