best ways to build muscle

Best Ways To Build Muscle

Best Ways To Build Muscle at any age. Adults 65 and older should strength-train two to three times a week, doing more reps with lighter weights, taking into account their fitness levels beforehand. Organizations are catching on to what many trainers and body builders have known for years – that no matter what your age, regular strength training builds up more than just muscles; it builds a healthier body.

“People are training to live better.”

Working our muscles is also particularly important as we age. Research by Tufts University has found that strength training can add to bone density, potentially preventing osteoporosis.

Regardless of how old you are, experts say a crucial part of strength training is working in movements that involve the whole body. Once you come up with a successful strength training routine, your work isn’t done. “The key to keeping muscle tone is not how much weight you lift, but your intensity,” Jackowski says. “It must match your current level of fitness. So, if you’re not starting with a lot of muscle to begin with, it’s easy to see how by the time you hit my buddy’s age, you may have lost as much as 50% or more of your muscle mass. On the upside though, for the older generation, you’ve still got time to slow the muscle mass slide and even build muscle mass, and, as my buddy says, “keep it tight” for years to come.

Alternate resistance training to build and strengthen muscles, with aerobic work to increase blood flow to the capillaries, bringing more oxygen to the muscles and building endurance.

Though the perfect amount of high-quality protein you need to eat daily in order to maintain long-term muscle mass hasn’t been definitively established, you can roughly estimate your daily requirements based on the following equation: Take your body weight, divide it in half, subtract 10. While meat and poultry are helpful in building muscle, you can also get high-quality protein from non-meat sources.

But my favorite source of protein for building muscle mass is Whey Protein from grass fed cows.
If you want to get a jump on your protein needs first thing in the morning, include one scoop of Be Well Whey Protein powder in your smoothie to add 24 grams of protein to your breakfast.

While I believe you should get the majority of your nutrition from fresh, organic, non-GM veggies, grass fed meats, organic chicken and eggs, some legumes and some fruits, supplementation is an excellent way to support overall health and fill in the nutritional gaps, in middle age and even more so for older adults who may not be eating enough of the right foods.