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Blooming Flower Teas

A Beautiful Gift Who doesn’t love flowers! Now you can enjoy healthy tea and a Blooming Flower. This has become my favorite way to get flowers. It is a beautiful gift. Here’s to your health! Although somewhat new to people in the United States, the practice of hand-crafting leaves into ‘blooming teas’ is an age-old Chinese art form that […]

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benefits green tea

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea See What Green Tea May Good For Reduces high blood pressure.  Drinking green tea represses angiotensin II which leads to high blood pressure. Lowers blood sugar. Green tea polyphenols and polysaccharides are effective in lowering blood sugar. Fights cancer. There have been many studies that have shown that green tea catechins

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drink tea for less stress

Tea for Stress-Less

Stressless life Daily cups of tea can help you recover more quickly from the stresses of everyday life, according to a new study by UCL (University College London) researchers. New scientific evidence shows that black tea has an effect on stress hormone levels in the body.  About THESTUDY The study, published in the Journal Psychopharmacology,

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spa results

Show me the results!

Influenced by the baby boomers who want to turn back the hands of time and slow down the aging process, spas are now going to show you the difference. Most spas are reporting that the demand for a basic facial or a European facial is down, while the demand for custom facials that are designed

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Green Spa

Despite the increased focus on sustainability, the counter-trend identified here is that consumers are becoming overwhelmed with sustainability initiatives, and a significant ‘green-washing’ fall-out is expected as consumers learn to discern its true meaning and impact. While many spas are jumping on the organic beauty product, waterless pedicures, and other green spa initiatives, consumers are

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Spa Saving Tips – International Spa Professional Association

ISPA Offers Spa Savings Tips     This article is brought to you by To help clients who are finding fewer funds available for spa visits, the International SPA Association is offering tips for spa deals. With everything from gas to grocery prices on the rise, you are no doubt looking for ways

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