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Customer Satisfaction – Long Term Relationships

customer satisfaction long term relationshipThis is an excellent year for those businesses that focus on showing consumers they really care about. Spa clients want to know that you really care about their wellbeing and their satisfaction. Spas will start to resume appointment confirmation, client service cards, perform follow up calls after services, and request feedback from clients through emailed surveys and client spa reviews.

Spas are concerned about better customer satisfaction for better customer retention rates. This is somewhat different from the marketing trends of earlier years. In earlier years, when the internet was developing into a great platform to get a huge number of targeted visitors, marketers concentrated mainly on reaching more people. The equation was simple: more people = more business. However, now it is also important that you retain the existing customers. Look for more spa e-blasts and Spa newsletters to keep you informed of spa specials.

No longer can companies ignore the millions of people who complain online about bad service. The recession will put consumers in a more powerful position. Spa Reviews will be a powerful tool for spas and disgruntled consumers. Spa will begin to manage complaints differently and respond to online reviews.

Spavelous has a spa review area for each spa listed just go the spa listing and add a review and rating. If the spa is not listed, please contact us.