Do new spa wraps really help women drop pounds and inches?




Drop Inches Off Your Waist In One Hour


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Have you tried all kinds of weight lose spa programs, dieted, exercised and nothing seems to work? How would you like to slim down for a big date this weekend?


NBC 10’s Dawn Timmeney said it can be done. It’s called the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap.


It seems almost too good to be true — lose up to 20 inches in an hour. But the women who have done it swear by it.


“Summertime is coming, and we want to make sure everything is lifted,” said Dionne Thompson, the Celebrity Body Wrap owner.


There’s no cutting, no exhausting workout, no sucking out the fat — just wrapping.


Julie Burke was wrapped up like a mummy at Celebrity Body Wraps in Media to lose those unwanted inches.


“I saw the advertisement for losing so many inches, and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll try it,'” Burke said.


First, Burke was measured in 18 different places. Then, she was wrapped with Ace bandages soaked in warm mineral solution, and they are left on for one hour.


“We wrap them from the feet all the way up, really focusing the tension and the compression of the bandages on areas that they want to lose inches in the most,” Thompson said.


“Your skin that’s here that’s loose here, we’re going to tighten and tone it so that what you’re seeing down here is what you see all over,” Thompson told Burke.


Once Burke was wrapped up tight, she was basted every 20 minutes with the solution that we’re told is a combination of top-secret minerals.


The 60 minutes passes quickly because clients are encouraged to do light exercise, which helps release toxins and keeps the lymphatic system draining.


Then, the bandages are removed and Burke was re-measured.


Burke had taken off 19 inches and said she felt the difference right away.


“I had my belt on the very last hole. Now, it’s on the next to the last hole. It works. It works,” Burke said.


And that’s why Burke said she gets a body wrap every couple of months.


“I’ve had numerous wraps — you know, seaweed wraps and wraps where it takes out the water weight — and then, the next morning, you wake up and nothing has changed. But this definitely does make a difference,” Burke said.


A friend told Rose Marino, a psychologist in Media, about the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap, and she admitted she was skeptical.


“I wasn’t really expecting very much. I thought I would just do it for fun. Then, when I saw the results, I was amazed,” Marino said. “I had been trying to diet and lose weight for several months and was rather unsuccessful.”


But the wrap took off the inches and helped motivate Marino to stay on a weight loss program.


“One of the things I did notice was that in areas where the skin seems to be a little more stretched out than I would like it to be it really firms it up,” Marino said.


Clients said the wrap is not dehydrating at all. The water you see in the bags is actually from the basting solution.


So, how does it work?


“Essentially, what the wrap does is help to compact your fat cells, bringing them closer together, therefore giving you a slender appearance,” Thompson said.


“I felt wonderful,” Burke said. “The results were instantaneous, and I maintained those results for weeks.”


The results last for about eight weeks. Many clients do a series of wraps over several months as they try to lose weight and inches.


But if you have a special event and are trying to squeeze into your favorite outfit, this could be just what you need, Timmeney reported.


Celebrity Body Wraps is offering a special deal to NBC 10 viewers. The normal price of $140 will be reduced to $109 if you mention that you saw the report on NBC 10 News.




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