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    Niki Bryan “Leapfrogs” Spa Industry with Two US Firsts
    Niki Bryan Spas – owners and operators of the Grand Floridian Spa at the Walt Disney World Resort, and operator of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Spa – has a reputation for pioneering change in the industry. This year the company is proudly making strides toward the future of eco-conscious products and treatments, introducing a new skincare brand and a new massage method to the US market.
    “Given the increased awareness of our conscious spa-goers we have had to leapfrog the entire marketplace by ensuring that we have a healthier, cleaner skincare product line than anyone else in the industry, and that our treatments go well beyond the traditional fluff and buff often found in hotels and resorts and be totally rooted in healing,” says Niki Bryan Spas President Dan Shackleton-Jones.
    Earlier this year, Niki Bryan became the first spa worldwide to carry Amala, a forward-looking skincare line that is setting new standards of excellence among natural and organic products by providing full disclosure of all certified ingredients at Ecocert’s highest level. The company also operates according to Fair Trade practices and chooses responsible packaging materials whenever possible.
    “We’re very enthusiastic about Amala’s partnership with Niki Bryan’s Grand Floridian at Disney,” says Amala Marketing Director Joi Rudd. “By building a long-term relationship with them, we plan to share the message of environmental and ethical consciousness with the greater community, not just a select few.
    “A great deal of thought has gone into our overall purpose for doing business, and while our offer is high-end, eco-luxe skincare, the idea is to do more than just sell products,” Rudd adds. “Our goal is to reconnect people with the very best of nature each day, and by doing so, share the message upon which our company was founded: nature provides us with everything that we need, and in return it’s our responsibility to nurture and care for the earth.”
    Since introducing Amala to Grand Floridian customers in April, Niki Bryan has been pleased with the positive response.
    “Many clients have gone out of their way to comment to us that they are pleasantly surprised to see such high quality certified products and treatments at the Grand Floridian, often only found in the exclusive wellness destination spas like Canyon Ranch, Miraval and Miiamo,” says Shackleton-Jones.
    In September, the Aurum Manus Wellness Massage makes its US premier at the Grand Floridian Spa at Walt Disney World Resort. The comprehensive treatment is offered exclusively by a select group of licensed Niki Bryan professionals, specially trained by distinguished massage therapist and Aurum Manus creator Ricky Welch.
    The Aurum Manus treatment is designed to promote a state of total health and combines elements of classical Swedish and Meridian massage with principles from Ayuvedic and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi therapies. Welch, celebrated in the industry for more than two decades, developed Aurum Manus as an original method that integrates his expertise in a wide range of massage schools from around the world. The result is a uniquely holistic treatment focused on achieving physical, mental and emotional wellness using warm oils and healing semi-precious stone spheres.

    During treatment, semi-precious stone spheres are warmed with organic oils specially formulated by Primavera, a leading producer of therapeutic oils in Germany for over twenty years. Unlike other techniques, Aurum Manus maintains constant contact between the masseur and client throughout the massage, while the stone spheres and oils are used to stimulate vital points and energy meridians throughout the body, ultimately achieving deep relaxation and regeneration.

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