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Whittwood Town Center
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Whittier, CA 90603
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Whittier spa offers services at affordable prices

WHITTIER – Seeing that exorbitant prices were keeping many from getting regular facials, Facelogic designed services that wouldn’t put customers in the “pore” house.

With about businesses charging nearly $125 for a facial, Facelogic’s $49 price for members and $59 price for non-members are appealing to a much broader range of clients, something the business model heavily relies on.

Facelogic is based in Carlsbad with local spas in Whittier and West Covina.

The Whittier franchise is owned by a mother and two daughters, who launched the business in December 2006.

“With the environment, there’s all this damage taking place to skin,” owner Gina Gonzalez said. “It’s important to get monthly facials if you are concerned about that.”

Gina says a key driver in retaining clients is the importance placed on looking young.

“This industry is growing,” she said. “People just don’t want to get old.”

The spa has a membership of 300 clients who pay $49 each month for a facial, a number they’d like to see double before year’s end. The business gets completely booked on the weekends.

Their youngest client is 9 and the oldest is 84 years old.

“We have six stations, and on the weekends we could really use eight,” Gina said.

One of the company’s many clients is La Habra resident Angie Durant.

“They offer a full-blown facial at a reasonable price so you can afford to do it every month,” said


Durant, adding that Facelogic’s services match that of higher-priced facials.

“They are just incredible,” she said.

The family has always wanted to open a business together, said Terri Gonzalez, Gina’s mother.

“My parents owned a business and so that passion has always been there,” she said.

That goal solidified after Gina heard about the Facelogic franchise through a friend and Terri researched the company. The three, including Terri’s other daughter, Lisa Perez, opened the second Facelogic location in California.

“We had never owned a business,” said Gina Gonzalez, who like her mother had worked for Southern California Edison. “So a franchise was a perfect fit because we needed a lot of hand-holding.”

Gina Gonzalez said her involvement in the community – particularly with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce, where she serves as an ambassador – has been key to the company’s growth.

“On basically a zero advertising budget, just putting our face out there has gotten us a lot of business,” Gina said. “Whittier is a close-knit business community.”

Another chamber ambassador, Whittier resident Mike Delgado, is also a member at Facelogic.

Delgado had never received a facial before, but decided to give the treatment a try.

“It’s one of those treats that people don’t take the time for, especially guys,” he said. “That’s a shame because I know a lot of my guy friends who could use an hour of relaxation.”

Relaxation is the draw for Delgado, although he said his wife has seen improvement in his skin. Gina estimates about 20 percent of her clients are male.

“If my business started slowing down, my membership at Facelogic would probably be up there with keeping the utilities on,” he said. “It’s something I look forward to every time I go in.”

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