Four Nevada Spas to Honor Closed Utopia Day Spa Gift Certificates


Local Spa Owners To Honor Worthless Utopia Gift Certificates 

 There’s been an outpouring of support from our local salon community, after Utopia Day Spa shut down suddenly, leaving hundreds of customers with worthless gift certificates.

We brought you the story on Tuesday, and by Friday, four local spas have come forward, offering to honor the gift certificates.

The owner of Utopia sold $67,000 worth of gift certificates to local people, only to close up shop without warning. Now, thanks to the help of some very kind local business owners, they can finally get that pampering they paid for.

Local school teacher Loni Axley received a $100.00 Utopia certificate for Christmas from her husband. The card promised to “relax and rejuvinate,” but when she learned Utopia had closed, she only faced disappointment.

“With two kids, we could have used that money for something else. It was supposed to be a time for mom to go and relax and have an hour to herself, and that’s not the way it turned out,” said Axley.

Sea Scapes Day Spa owner, Debbie Plummer, says when she heard about the unsavory business practices, she decided to take the certificates anyway. She says to help her absorb the costs, she’ll honor half on one appointment, and half on another.

“Salons aren’t like that. She is only one person, one salon. The rest of us are here to do business and we’re here to make your time at our salon enjoyable,” said Plummer.

So Loni Axley finally got the massage she’s been waiting for. She says she’s still a bit angry, and wishes the Utopia owner had done things differently, but the massage did help remove some tension.

“I’m very pleasantly surprised that our community is pulling together in this way. I am really happy to live in this type of a community,” said Axley.

Plummer says her small gesture doesn’t make things right, and that the Utopia owner may have scarred the relationship between local consumers and gift certificates forever. But she hopes to introduce her newest clients to a salon that’s here for the long haul.

“When they leave here they’re smiling and they’ve forgotten a little about the everyday grind. And hopefully they have a little off their shoulders,” said Plummer.

Three other salons are also honoring the certificates:

Sea Scapes, A Salon & Day Spa
They offer: Massage, Skin Care, Hair, Makeup and Nails
You may use 50% of certificate on one appointment, and 50% on another.

Sphaera Massage Group

Spa at Siena
Reno, NV
They will honor the gift certificates at 50 cents to the dollar.

Metamorphosis Salon & Day Spa
They will honor the gift certificates at 20% of face value.

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Spavelous Note:  A Spa Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift.  Last Year Spavelous put out a Spa Gift Car and Spa Gift Certificate Warning:  You should only purchase spa gift cards from a Visa backed Spa gift Card – like Spavelous Spa Gift Card.  These cards may be used at any Spa or Salon Worldwide that accepts VISA.  As we have seen this past year, many spas and business have closed.  We reccommend that you redeem any gift certificates as soon as possible to avoid any problems.