Green Spa


green spaDespite the increased focus on sustainability, the counter trend identified here is that consumers are actually becoming overwhelmed with sustainability initiatives and a significant ‘green-washing’ fall-out is expected as consumers learn to discern its true meaning and impact.

While many spas are jumping on the organic beauty product, waterless pedicures, and other green spa initiatives. Consumers are looking for validation in many areas. First, it is difficult to tell whether the green trend is continuing to climb or is beginning to flatten as consumers wonder if organic and all natural products are accurately labeled, equally defined and effective. Currently green products and cosmeceuticals seem to coexist.

The desire for green and organic is still very big. People still want to know that they are working with a company that is ecologically responsible. However, if two products were placed in front of a client and one is organic and green but takes longer to achieve results and the other is not organic but delivers quicker results the consumer will choose the one that will deliver results. Just look at the high number of individuals receiving Botox injections. Ideally, future green and organic products will also deliver quick results.