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Lemon and Honey Day Spa

4101 Birch Street #130,
Newport Beach, CA 92660


At Lemon and Honey Day Spa of Newport Beach we pride ourselves in offering the best skin care services and Massages in Orange County with the highest quality products and superior services. Our Services are focused on serenity, targeted treatments and education. With over 10 years of experience our Staff of experts offer all the tools, experience and knowledge to back your treatment both in the treatment room and at home. Trust in our advice and your desired results are obtainable.

Over the years we have been happy to offer our clients many success stories. We offer treatments for a range of concerns. If your skin care concerns are break outs, acne management, blocked or clogged pores, skin dullness, loss of elasticity, pigmentation, hormonal skin or a variety of other concerns we have the solution and treatment plan for you. Everyone’s skin is different and we pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible in our approach so that you receive the quickest results that you desire.

We consider ourselves experts in the field with a true passion for healing and helping people with all their beauty and wellness concerns!