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Mrs. Spa

The holidays will be here soon and I want to look good in the holiday pictures, unfortunately, I have short lashes; will any of the lash lengthener treatments help me to have longer lashes? I have tried the lash lengthening mascaras, but my natural lashes just don’t grow.

Tabitha in California

Dear Tabitha,

mrs. spaFortunately, today you have many options for longer-looking lashes. While mascara will give the appearance of length. The lashes are not actually longer. There are many eyelash conditioners that are marketed specifically for lengthening the lash: MD Lash Factor, Revitalash, and Jan Marini Lash conditioner are a few names you may have heard. Of these, only MD Lash Factor had sent us sample products so we could test how well it works. We distributed the full-size samples to four women and one man (yes men want to have great long lashes too). After all how many women are attracted to a man’s eyes and tell them you have great lashes? Each of us had different types of lashes.

We used the MD Lash Formula as directed (one time a day) at bedtime applied at the lash line. All of us felt that our lashes were longer, and had experienced positive comments about the length of our lashes from people who did not know that we were testing a product. Purchase these Great Lash lengthening Formulas

While all of the lash lengtheners are expensive, over $120 I find that mine has lasted over 6 months. I am really pleased with the results and will continue to use it. The results I achieve are comparable to individual eyelash extensions. I still do have to use mascara, because while my lashes are longer, I do have thin silky lashes that are graying with age. See Spavelous Pick for Great Looking Mascara Products

If you desire longer, fuller, thicker lashes, you may need to consider other alternatives like demi lashes or false eyelashes. You may find a spa that does eyelash extensions in your area here. For Thicker more dramatic extension lashes, have them apply the Volumizing lash or Cluster Lashes these are by 3 D lash.

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