love cannot be forced

Love Cannot Be Forced Only Welcomed

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” by Loretta Young

Welcome Love – Mind That Love Cannot Be Forced

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to love. The cards, flowers, chocolates, and over-the-top displays of affection can make it seem like we must seek Love at any cost during this season. But legendary actress Loretta Young shared an insight about Love’s true nature: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” 

Love Touches Our Hearts and Mind

What did she mean by this? Simply put, Love is not something we can force or manufacture on our timeline. Instead, it comes into our lives unexpectedly, touching our hearts and minds in ways we never planned or orchestrated. When we try too hard to find Love, we often miss what’s right in front of us or loving us already. 

valentines love touches our hearts and mind
Love and contentment cannot be achieved solely through relentless ambition and grasping. It emerges from deep connection, purposeful living, acts of service, and faith – the intangibles that money and effort cannot purchase.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Young’s quote echoes the everyday experience of those who desperately chased after specific goals, relationships, or status symbols, believing that achievement would guarantee happiness and fulfillment. However, once attained, the long-sought-after prize of Love rings hollow. 

Love Can’t Be Grabbed

Why? Because Love and contentment cannot be achieved solely through relentless ambition and grasping. It emerges from deep connection, purposeful living, acts of service, and faith – the intangibles that money and effort cannot purchase.

Surrender to Receive

There’s a paradox here. The tighter we cling to the idea that we must have this job, that person, or a specific milestone, the more likely Love and Contentment will elude our grasp. Yet when we release our grip on preconceived notions of how things “should be” and open our minds and hearts to what comes, we create space for Love to enter. 

Love Will Surprise You

Looking back, I saw this particularly clearly on the first date with my husband; I told him, “You’re a nice guy, but you’re not the guy for me.” I quickly let go of any notion of Love.

Wish Upon a Star

The stars we wish upon can’t determine our fate. But being receptive to life’s beauty and surprises transforms even the most ordinary days into precious gifts. Yes, life throws us surprises, so always be open to changing your mind.

Love Enters Softly

Like the sun’s warming rays in spring, Love thaws the chill of loneliness. It enters softly, beckoning us to bask in joy. Yet too often, we fail to notice Love’s subtle presence, instead bracing for the next disappointment or loss. 

Love Is Always There

Loretta Young invites us to shift perspective – to see that Love surrounds us always, needing only willing recipients. When we allow ourselves the opportunity to be moved, even fleeting moments of connection with strangers can deeply touch us

The Greatest Things, Unexpected

Imagine missing the world’s most glorious sunset because we’d closed the blinds, refusing to be dazzled or distracted as we worked. Likewise, we miss Love if we barricade our hearts, rejecting anything less than we believe we want or deserve. 

Life’s Greatest Gifts

Yet frequently, life’s greatest gifts appear quite differently than anticipated. The teacher who changes our lives might not fit the image we had. The friend who becomes family may be someone we least expected. 

The Mystery Of Love

That is Love’s mystery and power – it enters not on our terms but almost magically, altering our inner landscape forever simply because we said yes.  

Love Finds You When You’re Ready

So, as Valentine’s Day nears, how might we position our hearts to be found? The secret has little to do with effort and everything to do with willingness. 

Love Without Conditions

It requires surrendering limitations around what forms love “should” take or what others need to provide before we can receive it. Love finds us through people, pursuits, and experiences that resonate deeply, touching our psychic energy. 

Feel The Love

We feel Love’s arrival in stronger self-knowledge, purpose, and emotional connection. The world around us echoes our innermost truths. 

Loves’s Key Points

We do not need to grasp for Love – Love’s arrival is inevitable when we both possess a strong sense of self and remain open to receiving it.

❤️ The more we understand that Love reveals itself on its own schedule, appearing like sustained sunshine after storms, the more readily we can bloom. 

❤️ Love becomes not something we desperately chase but the natural expression of who we are. Its glowing, enduring presence finds and feeds our souls. 

❤️ We must open ourselves to love, which will come, not mandated by calendars but emerging as we live fully

❤️ We cannot bring love into existence on special dates alone. It awaits invitation through every moment lived in joyful expectation of its arrival. 

My Wish For You

I will tell you the intricate story of me and my husband someday. In the meantime, I hope that your forever Love (if you have not found it yet) will land softly into your life

Are your eyes open wide enough to recognize its gentle coming? 

If not, may this season open your minds and hearts to love ever-present yet undisclosed.