love recognizes no barriers

Love Recognizes No Barriers

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~ Maya Angelou

Love Transcends All Barriers When We Open Our Hearts

As Maya Angelou profoundly expressed, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” Though she wrote of love transcending racism and injustice, this remains true of love on an individual level as well. 

Love Knows No Bounds and Love Recognizes No Barriers

When we open our minds and hearts enough to see past surface differences, love connects and transforms us through our shared humanity. We erect many barriers to protect our hearts, even in personal relationships, cloaking ourselves in mistrust, resentment, unspoken hurts, and limiting beliefs about what we deserve. 

Protecting Your Heart

As a body reader, I see this in people who curve their shoulders forward to sink their hearts in to protect them. I also see this in a dowager hump or very tight muscles over the back and shoulder areas. It is as though the person is building a suit of armor so they do not get stabbed in the back and have their heart broken.    

Real Love Gently Erodes Walls

Past pain barricades our emotions just as sure as any concrete wall. Our hurt feelings become the mortar holding the bricks together, building the wall ever higher. We recoil from intimacy’s vulnerability, afraid of being wounded again. But real love persists regardless, gently eroding those fortifications over time. 

Open Hearts Let Love Magic Work

Where there is openness, empathy, commitment to growth, and amends, love breaks down barriers piece by piece. What once seemed like impassable terrain becomes a welcoming landscape under love’s restorative powers. We only need to let Love do its magic.

Releasing The Past

Hope is on the other side of communicating through your wounds, biases, and judgments. By acknowledging where your emotional barricades took root, you can drain their capacity to separate you from others or a fuller life. 

love lights the way
Love’s illuminating truth exposes assumptions that confine, isolate, and diminish your shared existence.

Acknowledge, Release, Forgive, Heal

With introspection and courage, you can trace the origins of your hurt and choose healthier ways forward, even after tragedy or betrayal. No barrier can remain once you decide a relationship will prevail over pride, paving fresh pathways toward mutual understanding. 

Love Lights The Way

Love’s illuminating truth exposes assumptions that confine, isolate, and diminish your shared existence. In its light, imposed categories and labels lose significance before the undeniable force of our spiritual equality. Love treats everyone the same.

Love is Open and Accepting

Does love ask sexuality, age, disability, faith tradition, or any quantum of personal history before striking? No – it sees essence first, circling back to reconcile packaging with the gift inside each soul. Love is truly blind.

Love is a Heart Connection

Love judges all people equally. It does not care about differences on the outside. The only thing love measures is whether two hearts connect deeply. 

Love Is A Seed Looking For A Place To Grow

Everything else is just surface-level noise. As love works its way into our core, it finds shared life experiences behind the barriers. This common ground is fertile soil where bonds can grow across dividing lines.

Love Is Barefoot and Fancy-Free

When we corral love narrowly towards those like us, we starve its scope, power, and purpose. For love blooms, not just to affirm pre-existing compatibility and comfort. 

Opposites Attract

Where people already connect with little effort, less work needs to be put into the relationship consciously. No, love flowers most vividly through embracing people and ideas once deemed foreign or unknown. Love is sparked with intrigue.

Love is a Leap Of Faith

Love demands the courage to move beyond fearful confines yet rewards us with wholeness when we respond to its call.

Hide or Seek?

We each face a choice – to hide behind old hurts and fear of getting close to others. Or bravely try to see our common humanity first – that all souls are equal, even if we are as different outside and inside as snowflakes or tree leaves. 

Stay Shielded Or Reach Out To Love

The choice before each of us remains – to shield ourselves and never reach out or be open to love. Or courageously strive to see our shared essence first – souls equal but varied as snowflakes or leaves on trees. 

Try Love

Love leaps only so far as hope can envision. With belief in love’s boundary-breaching properties, what new terrain might we traverse? As Angelou wrote – try love, and it will find you surely as sunrise seals night’s fading from view. 

Loves Light Will Shine The Way

Light always discovers the unseen path, though it appears obscured. Where love travels, the way opens; follow on.

My Wish For You

If you have been afraid to love, look at yourself first and see what is holding you back. Later this month, I will share with you my journey.

The steps you take today, known or unknown, will bring you to love.

Will you take this first step?