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Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, esteemed past medical director of the Raj, and author of The Ageless Woman: Natural Health and Beauty After Forty with Maharishi Ayurveda will be giving a free, LIVE teleseminar for women on Wednesday, May 21st at 6 PM PDT/9PM ED.


She will be sharing a multitude of anti-aging tips and one special TOP secret from the time-tested natural health system Maharishi Ayurveda that will allow you to take charge of your personal aging process and transform your life, your looks and your health–naturally.

According to this ancient wisdom, aging occur in three basic patterns—your “Ageless Beauty Type.” Knowing your type will allow you to take advantage of those specific, key anti-aging tips that are most effective for your specific aging type.

How? It’s simple— click here and get access to your copy of the Ageless Beauty Type Quiz by posting a question to Dr. Nancy. You will automatically get registered and receive the Ageless Beauty Type Quiz.

Then take the quiz and join Dr. Nancy by phone or webcast on Wednesday, May 21st at 6 PM PDT/9PM EDT for a detailed discussion of your Ageless Beauty Type, three key tips for your type, and answers to your questions on how to stay young, healthy and beautiful after forty.

Be sure to register (even if you can’t be on the call) because you may order the audio recording and will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Nancy your question:

You’ll also learn about:

The secret factor in weight loss—(no, it’s not carbs!)

How to build “bionic” bones

Calcium—to take or not to take

5 ways to lower blood pressure naturally

We hope you’ll be there on Wed., May 21st for a solution-packed evening of fresh insights, practical tips and self-discovery that will leave you inspired and empowered to look and feel younger naturally!

Wishing you the best of health,

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