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Amazing Meditation Technique: 12 Tips To Practice Meditation

A Prescription for Wholeness: 12 Elements for Crafting Your Ideal Meditation Lifestyle

Peace, joy, and deep internal stillness are your birthright as a conscious being. Yet in our loud and busy world, these precious states often seem out of reach. Through the ancient art of meditation technique, it is possible to rediscover this inner refuge of calm within yourself.

crafting your ideal meditation lifestyle
If you persist with courage and curiosity about your inner world, you will be lavishly rewarded with the treasures of self-knowledge and more harmonious living.

By following these 12 guidelines for establishing a regular, step-by-step meditation technique, you’ll uncover the clear sky of awareness that rests beneath the churning mind.

Let these words guide your way as you come home to stillness, reconnect with your highest self, and reclaim your creative power to determine the quality of each moment.

The Path to Inner Peace: A Guide to Establishing a Life-Changing Meditation Technique

1) Regularity

  • Set aside the same block of time each day to meditate, either mornings, evenings, or on your lunch break
  • Try to meditate at the same 1-2 hours every day. Consistency conditions the mind to meditate.
  • Good times are dawn, twilight, noon, midnight, or before bed on an empty stomach.

2) Exercise

  • Exercise for 10-20 minutes before formal meditation if time permits
  • Good options are yoga postures or Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises to relax body-mind.

3) Location

  • Find a quiet place at home where you can meditate without noise or interruptions
  • Set up a dedicated meditation space or corner with a chair, cushions, blankets
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes and maintain the space clutter-free

4) Sitting

  • Sit with a straight back, relaxed neck, and head either on a chair, cushion, or meditation bench
  • Allow the body to be fully supported to sit without pain or legs falling asleep
  • Optional to sit on a wool blanket to insulate from earth currents

5) Scan Your Body

  • Methodically relax each body part from toe to head before meditation
  • As you scan, notice any tensions or sensations, breathing into tight areas
  • The goal is a fully relaxed body before formal meditation

6) Breathe

  • Sit upright and breathe from the belly, not the chest
  • Inhale fully through the nose, exhale slowly through the mouth
  • Pay close attention to the sensations of breathing

7) Eyes Closed & Relaxed

  • Once relaxed, close your eyes lightly and withdraw attention from the surroundings
  • Passively observe the natural breath without controlling it
  • If needed, set a soft alarm so not preoccupied with time

8) Repeat Sacred Phrase

  • Choose an uplifting word, phrase, or “mantra” that resonates personally
  • Repeat the mantra silently during meditation to calm and focus the mind
  • Traditional options: Om, Jesus Prayer, Name of God, etc.

9) Goal

  • The goal is present-moment awareness of the stream of consciousness
  • Thoughts, sensations, and feelings will come and go − simply witness them
  • Gently return focus to mantra or breath if the mind wanders

10) Meditate with Joy

  • Approach meditation in a spirit of lightness and joy
  • Do not wait to feel joyful before starting
  • Remember your true divine universal nature

11) How Long

  • Start by sitting 5-15 minutes daily and incrementally increase
  • Once discipline is established, add 1 longer 30-60 minute meditation weekly

12) Ending

  • Leave a buffer before ending to transition slowly back
  • Sit quietly and reflect on the effects of your meditation
  • Feel centered, tranquil, and mentally refreshed

In Summary

As you now understand, meditation is an accessible doorway to enhanced mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening. By beginning today and committing to a regular practice, you embark upon a profound inner journey that unfolds gradually across your lifetime.

Have patience with yourself, meditate for the sheer joy of it, and let go of goals or preconceived notions of success. If you persist with courage and curiosity about your inner world, you will be lavishly rewarded with the treasures of self-knowledge and more harmonious living. May your meditation practice illuminate your path with meaning, compassion, equanimity, and renewal in each new moment.