Men Skin care products to give you the edge


Men need to look good and feel good to. In today’s highly competitive marketplace for employment, looks matter. DON’T BE SCARED TO USE THESE, GUYS

1. Biotherm by BIOTHERM for Men Biotherm Homme Non-Drying Facial Cleansing Gel–150ml/5.07oz is one of my favorite new discoveries. This soap-free non-drying cleanser and has been found suitable even for sensitive skin. I like it too because it smells great.

2. If your skin is dull because of stress, try . It has Vitamin C, pro-Phosphore (which stimulates the production and storage of ‘energy fuel’ for the skin) and peppermint leaf extract, which helps to reinforce your skin’s natural resistance to stress.

3. Clinique has launched a new whitening range called Derma White, with five new products. There is one that men might want to use. Although the term ‘whitening’ might scare you off, these lighten dark spots due sun damage. So if you’ve been doing sports without sunscreen, you might want to think about this. Derma White Intense Brightening Mask: Gel Treatment 125ml+ Activating Spray 60ml 2pcs

4 Come on guys, admit it – you worry about that spotty nose too. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips For Nose – 8 Ea removes blackheads, and we know how a noseful of blackheads can ruin your day. It also contains oil-absorbing powder to help control sebum and the menthol provides a cooling sensation.

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