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Miraval – a healing sanctuary of surrender and discovery. Where nurturing specialists curate mindful experiences to help you create a life in balance. Situated in the warm shade of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Miraval Arizona is more than a destination. It is a place where nurturing specialists curate imaginative experiences. To ignite your inner spark and help you create balance in your life. It provides an inviting 400-acre environment so you can escape, renew, and decompress as an individual and as part of a compassionate community.

miraval resort spa deals



This award-winning Life in Balance Spa was designed to honor nature and inspire you. Enjoy life-enhancing services—many exclusive to Miraval—performed by expert therapists.

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Since 1995, Miraval has offered unique, experiential journeys and personal wellbeing treatments. Miraval’s core is mindfulness, and its motto, “life is better when in balance”. Activities include fitness, meditation, yoga, wellbeing, equine, hiking, biking, and metaphysical exploration.

To help you to step out of your comfort zone. Through the doors for mindful escape, action, connection, and enlightenment. Miraval Arizona unlocks possibilities for all. Experience 400 acres of inspiring wellbeing experiences, curated by our specialists and tailored just to you.

From the light-hearted to the challenging. It helps you to make connections with our bodies and minds, learning how to slow it all down in today’s busy world or put things into motion. Help you define your boundaries and explore new spaces.

Let them guide you through an exploration of possibilities. The choices are endless and always based on your intentions to help you fulfill your journey to wellbeing, ignite your inner spark, and help you create balance in your life.

Miraval is allowing yourself to unplug and be present. Miraval guests are required to unplug from all digital devices and focus on living in the present moment and being aware of your surroundings. Leave your phone in your cell phone sleeping bag you receive at check-in, place it in its cell phone “bed” and enjoy living in the now. We understand that you may want to capture your experience on your phone camera, please do, but be mindful of the other guests on property.