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Miraval Resort Spa

Miraval Resort Spa

Miraval Resort Spa wellness luxury spa resort dedicated to opening eyes, minds and hearts. Miraval’s focus on sustainable living, casita-style guest accommodations and the spectacular new Life in Balance Spa are consistently recognized by SpaFinderTravel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler year after year.

Our Life in Balance Spa was designed with the utmost respect and appreciation for the natural splendor of the Sonoran desert. Our menu of services offers our guests the most innovative, life-enhancing treatments in the world. Our therapists have studied in all corners of the globe and their expertise shines through our vast array of spa treatments that are unique to Miraval.

Miraval Resort Spa is decidedly un-boot-camp-ish in its approach, even though it appeared very rustic on the Oprah Show. There’s no set schedule, alcohol is allowed, you may order as much food as you want, and about 100 pampering treatments are offered. For every way to work up a sweat—hiking, biking, riding, climbing, tennis, and golf on a course carved out of the Sonoran Desert—there are multiple ways to work out the kinks. Opt for the standards (massages, wraps, facials, scrubs), or go holistic: meditation and yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, acupuncture, and Reiki are among Miraval’s paths to enlightenment.

Miraval’s Equine Experience, which teaches participants how to find harmony within themselves through working with horses. This program is only offered for specific dates, and the groups are limited to 20, so book early. This is a specially priced program.

Wyatt Web has come to believe that horses respond to the basic qualities—the basic energy—of the rider or handler: He said that he “ came to discover that the horse would always cooperate with whatever the humans asked them to do if, and only if, the human could and would give clear energetic direction to the horse.” The response does not depend on a particular horse. It is just like when you have a massage, you will always get the therapist you need, and the same is true of the horse. Whichever horse you choose will serve as a mirror to your energy system. What you think, what you feel, and every move your body does or does not make.

In Wyatt’s therapy, connecting with the horse can be the first step in learning how to connect with fellow humans. He contends that we treat horses as we’ve been conditioned and taught to treat people. As he puts it: “…I truly believe that the powerful combination of horse and human is an avenue to awareness. When we work with horses, they help reflect the area of our lives that block us or bring us into conflict with ourselves and others.”