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Miraval Spa Deals

Miraval Spa Deals: Unwind Affordably with These Exclusive Offers

Embarking on a wellness journey often leads to the doors of a reputable spa retreat, and when it comes to holistic well-being, Miraval Resorts stands out as luxurious destinations that appeal to those seeking balance and rejuvenation. With inclusive resorts located in Texas, Arizona, and Massachusetts, the brand is synonymous with wellness innovation and transformative experiences.

Whether you’re planning a solo retreat to unwind, a couple’s getaway to reconnect, or a group trip to re-energize, Miraval offers a range of spa deals tailored to meet various needs and preferences. Their seasonal offers and carefully curated packages provide opportunities to explore a plethora of activities, from equine therapy to culinary workshops, ensuring your stay is not just relaxing but enrichingly holistic.

Key Takeaways

  • Miraval Resorts offers inclusive wellness experiences in several states.
  • Spa deals adapt to personal needs with unique activities and therapies.
  • Intelligent booking ensures optimized value for a bespoke wellness journey.

Miraval Three Well-being Destination Escapes

Miraval Resorts operates three distinctive well-being destinations in the United States, each offering a unique environment for relaxation, renewal, and self-discovery.

Arizona: Your journey at Miraval Arizona could involve transformative spa treatments amid the serene Sonoran Desert setting. Here, you have the chance to experience a blend of modern and ancient healing practices designed to inspire living in the moment.

Amenities Description
Spa Treatments Integrates local ingredients and traditions
Wellness Programs Tailored experiences promoting balance
Activities Outdoor adventures and relaxation exercises

Massachusetts: Set within the Berkshires, the Miraval Berkshires presents a different backdrop for your personal renewal. With an emphasis on mindfulness, the resort’s activities and therapies are catered to immerse you in nature’s tranquility.

Activities and Amenities

  • Seasonally inspired spa treatments
  • Farm-to-table culinary delights
  • Nature-based wellness offerings

Texas: Immersed in the heart of the Hill Country, your stay at Miraval Austin is crafted to connect you with the natural world. At this retreat, your wellness journey is complimented by lush scenery and innovative programs. Expect tailored experiences that harmonize with Texas’ cultural and environmental elements.


  • Comprehensive wellness retreats
  • Locally inspired holistic spa therapies
  • Unique outdoor experiences

Each Miraval Resort & Spa listed extends a hand to you, inviting a deep dive into personal well-being, where the daily grind gives way to mindful exploration. Whether it is through rejuvenating spa services, nourishing meals, or enriching activities, you’re empowered to find your unique sense of balance.

Seasonal and Special Offers

As the seasons change, so do the opportunities to enhance your well-being with exclusive offers at Miraval Resorts. Whether you’re seeking a solitary retreat, a romantic getaway, or a group journey, these specials are curated to provide a meaningful and restorative experience.

Winter Wellness Specials

During the chilly months, warm up with Winter Wellness Specials aimed at rejuvenating your body and mind. Find serenity with stress-relieving treatments that make the cold weather melt away. Enjoy the crisp air of Lenox, MA, at Miraval Berkshires, where cozy amenities meet mindful practices.

Summer Retreat Discounts

Embrace the vibrancy of summer with Summer Retreat Discounts. Take advantage of reduced rates for extended stays where you can bask in the natural beauty and engage in outdoor activities. Immerse yourself in the tranquil hillside views and explore wellness at Miraval Austin, perfect for a summertime escape.

Couples Spa Deals

Reconnect and create intimate moments with Couples Spa Deals. These specials are designed for two, offering a shared experience that deepens bonds and enhances relaxation. Choose a couples massage or a suite of harmonizing treatments at locations like the serene desert oasis of Miraval Arizona.

Group Booking Incentives

Gather your friends or colleagues for a group wellness retreat and benefit from Group Booking Incentives. Discounts for multiple bookings as well as perks like group wellness sessions can turn a simple getaway into an unforgettable group renewal journey.

Each special is thoughtfully designed to offer you the best of Miraval’s wellness philosophy regardless of the season or occasion. Take the step towards nourishing your well-being with these tailored offers.

Booking Tips and Strategies

When planning to book a spa getaway at Miraval Resorts, a savvy approach could mean the difference between an average deal and an exceptional value. Follow these targeted strategies to optimize your booking experience.

Best Time to Book

To secure the best deals at Miraval Resorts, consider booking during the off-season or shoulder months. The demand for spa services may be lower, resulting in more competitive prices. For example, rates and availability tend to be more favorable during weekdays as opposed to weekends.

Utilizing Membership Perks

If you are a Hyatt member, take advantage of the 15% discount on Miraval bookings. Additionally, Miraval frequently offers promotions like buy-one-get-one-free nights, which can substantially lower the cost of your stay.

Newsletter Subscription Advantages

By subscribing to Miraval’s newsletter, you may be the first to know about exclusive offers and limited-time promotions. This heads-up can help you book treatments or packages at discounted rates before they’re broadly advertised.

Reward Points and Loyalty Programs

Participate in Miraval’s reward programs to gain points that could be used to offset expenses. Redeeming points is a smart strategy as you may also receive resort credits, enhancing your spa experience and overall value of your stay.


miraval spa deals

What Unlimited Means at Miraval Arizona

Miraval Arizona inclusive packages and non-tipping policy are intended to help you focus on what matters most—you, not the check.

*Resort credit varies based on which package you choose. $175 nightly resort credit is included in the Miraval Arizona Unlimited Package.

Nightly Resort Credit Per Person Example: 4-night stay for 1 person = $700 total resort credits to use throughout your stay $175* $0
Accommodations Included Nightly rates vary
All Meals & Non-Alcoholic BeveragesBreakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks Included $105-$215 daily
Gratuities/Tipping Miraval is a gratuity-free resort $25-$50 daily
Valet & Parking Included $50-$100 daily
Shared Transportation from/to the designated local airport Included $50-$150 per person
ComplimentaryFitness, meditation & yoga, wellness lectures, hiking activities Included $10-$50 per class
Spa Services May apply a resort credit $250 + tipping
Equine Activities May apply a resort credit $150-$300
Private Wellness Sessions May apply a resort credit $150-$350
Culinary Activities May apply a resort credit $150-$350
Specialist Workshops May apply a resort credit $150-$350


When planning your stay at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, you’re investing in more than just a getaway; you’re stepping into a holistic experience for the mind, body, and spirit. With the nightly per-person resort credit, you can enhance your visit by indulging in various spa services and participating in paid classes and sessions—all without the worry of additional tipping expenses, as this resort has a firm non-tipping policy.


Miraval Arizona boasts an array of amenities, from luxurious patios to cloud-soft beds and signature toiletries. Catering to those seeking a tranquil retreat, the resort offers a diverse weekly catalog of over 120 classes encompassing fitness, yoga, and wellness.

Equine Therapy

For a truly immersive experience, consider taking advantage of the unique wellness activities such as equine therapy, beekeeping, or even an outdoor ropes course. Not to forget the extensive spa menu providing a sanctuary for rejuvenation.

Remember, if the urge to disconnect and refresh is calling, the offerings at Miraval Arizona ensure that your stay is not just restful but also enriching and transformative.

Let’s Go Girl!

Grab your best friends, moms, or sisters and escape to Miraval for an unforgettable wellness retreat. Savor healthful cuisine, indulge in the most innovative spa treatments in the world, and experience our unmatched wellness programming. Take in the beauty of the Sonoran desert with daily hiking, our signature Miraval Equine Experience, or get in touch with your inner yogi.