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Mother's Day – What Moms Want a Stress-Free Mother's Day in '08


Relaxation Tops Gift Wish List in New Harris Interactive Poll

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A CSN Stores/Harris Interactive Survey of 2,920 moms, dads, sons and daughters suggests that Mother’s Day gift givers should go beyond flowers and cards to truly delight Moms this year. Survey responses reveal that gifts offering therapeutic relaxation will be most valued, as they can help moms reduce daily stress.

Harris Interactive to survey adults 18 to 55+, asking mothers in the group what they would most want for Mother’s Day and everyone else what they intend to give. The majority of mothers wanted to be surprised with a non-traditional gift.

“Moms juggle more than ever now,” said CSN Stores’ Cyber Shopping Expert Jenn Helmore. “So giving the mom in your life a gift that pampers her should be your goal this Mother’s Day.”

Relaxation items such as massage chairs and mood-improving lamps received 37 percent of the vote from moms. The multiple-choice survey, which allowed respondents to vote more than once and add their own choices, also inquired about the popularity of garden, kitchen, travel, office and new mother/baby gifts.

A gift certificate to their favorite spa is the best gift to give mom and mom’s to be.

Beyond emphasizing relaxation, many mothers also selected gifts for the kitchen (34 percent) like a cookware set or colorful appliance; and items for the garden (29 percent) including a greenhouse or new robotic lawnmower.


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As for gift givers, they appear to be listening to moms a lot this year, as their choices mirrored mothers’ preferences. Relaxation gear was most popular (32 percent), followed by kitchen (21 percent) and garden (16 percent) products.

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