SabaiSpa(TM)’s Herbal Ball Treatments Sweeping North America


herbal ball 

SabaiSpa(TM) introduces the “Hottest” new Herbal, Aromatherapy treatment taking massage, facial, and spa treatments to a whole new level!”

The fastest growing treatments sweeping across North America are using the SabaiSpa(TM) Herbal Ball. SabaiSpa(TM) brings the Luk Pra Kob, translated from Thai as “pressing herbal sphere,” or Herbal Ball, as a method of treatment employed in traditional Thai Medicine.

The herbal ball treatment is traditionally a hot treatment. Some of the herbs in the SabaiSpa(TM) Ball include Lemongrass, Turmeric, Prai, Kaffir Lime, Camphor, and Tamarind. SabaiSpa(TM) herbal balls, manufactured in Chiang Mai, are certified by the government as authentic.

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