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Show me the results!

Influenced by the baby boomers who want to turn back the hands of time and slow down the aging process, spas are now going to show you the difference. Most spas are reporting that the demand for a basic facial or a European facial is down, while the demand for custom facials that are designed to treat and prevent the signs of aging is up. In addition, spa goers are opting for more anti aging facials and less face lifts. One reason for anti-aging spa treatments being on the increase is that people cannot do effective treatments solely on their own. Spas goers are focusing on resurfacing/exfoliation, acne/extractions, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle prevention, collagen stimulation facial tone and texture. People demand tangible benefits from in-spa treatments. Seeing is believing, and sometimes that proof needs to be presented with photos, special lamps to visibly show the difference, before and after photos or videos, tape measures and the scale.

Tools that you will see in top spas to validate the results they provide:

result spaWoods Lamp Camera and Skin Scope: In the Esthetic field, when performing chemical peels, a Woods lamp is a very useful guide to help over coating of the peeling solution and ensure the even treatment of all areas. Woods lamps help with assessing the protective value of sunscreens and barrier creams. A Woods lamp gives the esthetician the opportunity to recommend and sell the correct treatment, protocol and retail products to their clients. Now, you will find that the aestheticians will be showing you a before and after with the woods lamp to demonstrate the improvement in your skin before and after the treatment. Other spas may use a camera ready skin scope which is ideal for monitoring your progress throughout a series of skin care treatments.

When performing an inspection with a Woods light, the different conditions show up as various colors, helping the professional with the diagnoses.

Blue is normal and healthy, White Spots are a thick, horny layer of dead skin cells, Light Purple is dehydration, Dark Purple is sensitive, thin and dehydrated, Brown Spots indicate pigmentation/sun damage, Orange is Oily, Light Yellow is acne, comedomes, etc.

Pityriasis versicolor-Malassezia furfur, a type of dermatitis, emits a Yellowish – White or Copper-Orange color.

Pathogenic pseudomonas show Green luorescence.

Erythrasma – Cornebacterium minutissimum show Coral Red.

Hypopigmented or depigmented spots (vitiligo) appear sharper under Wood’s light. The lesions appear bright Blue-White.

Detection of excess porphyrins, which are associated with some skin diseases show Red-Pink.

Before and After Photos: With digital cameras, it is quick and easy to record results. Once used only by the weight loss industry, look for the proof to be in the photo. This will be used with skincare treatments, brow shaping, cellulite treatments, and weight control treatments.

Weights and Measures: When it comes to body treatments, cellulite and body shaping, the weight scale and the tape measure are the old reliable indicator for effectiveness.

Proof of Product claims: Increasingly, we will become more discerning about the beauty products we buy and are used in our spa services. We will expect visible and proven results, so that we only spend our dwindling beauty budget on those products that will have the desired effect.

Look for there to be a shift towards science-based products that actually do what they say they will. We will see even more patents, advanced technology and clinical testing come into play, as companies attempt to convince people that their claims are true. There will be continued development in products that are a less expensive alternative to surgery, as well as advancements in stem cell research, research into cellular longevity, new peptides and alternatives to parabens.