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Sundara Spa Deals – Discover Luxury and Serenity in Wisconsin Dells

Sundara Spa Deals & Day Pass: Unveiling Special Deals & Relaxation Retreats

Sundara Inn & Spa, nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Wisconsin Dells, offers a serene getaway with its luxurious spa services and restorative wellness experiences. Visitors seeking a day of relaxation can opt for a Sundara Spa Wisconsin Day Pass, giving them access to a variety of exclusive spa amenities designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Ancient Healings With A Modern Take

The spa takes inspiration from ancient healing traditions and blends them with modern wellness techniques to provide a unique and holistic experience. For those looking to extend their stay or enjoy additional services, Sundara Spa provides various accommodation options and packages.

Special Spa Deals And Seasonal Offerings

Special deals are often available, allowing guests to experience the spa’s offerings at a value. With an emphasis on disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with oneself, the spa environment promotes tranquility and relaxation. Beyond spa treatments, guests can indulge in additional activities and services that complement their wellness journey, catered to revitalize the spirit.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sundara Spa offers a peaceful escape with a Day Pass granting access to exclusive amenities.
  • Various deals and packages can enhance the guest experience, providing value.
  • The spa focuses on holistic wellness, offering diverse services beyond traditional spa treatments.

Exploring Sundara Inn & Spa

Nestled in the tranquility of Wisconsin Dells, Sundara Inn & Spa stands as a premier destination for those seeking a restorative and luxurious spa experience.

Awards and Recognition

Sundara Inn & Spa boasts an impressive array of awards, shining a spotlight on its exceptional spa services and commitment to wellness. Among its most recent accolades, it was honored in the Women’s Health Travel Awards for Best Spa for Hydrotherapy in 2023. Its national acclaim includes a second-place finish in the USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice for Best Spa Resort in 2023. Notably, Sundara has also been ranked as the #3 Top Resort in the Midwest by Travel + Leisure in their prestigious World’s Best Awards for 2023. These recognitions from esteemed publications underscore the spa’s dedication to providing a sanctuary of health and well-being.

Location and Atmosphere

Set against a fragrant 26-acre pine forest backdrop, Sundara Inn & Spa creates an atmosphere of serenity and seclusion. Located just outside the bustling Wisconsin Dells area, Sundara offers a peaceful retreat close to the Dells’ attractions.

Adult Only Facility

The Inn’s exclusive adults-only policy ensures a tranquil environment ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Visitors are drawn to its elegant setting that celebrates the natural beauty of the Midwest.

Discover the exceptional services offered at Sundara Inn & Spa, a destination spa celebrated for its relaxing environment and esteemed acknowledgments by notable travel authorities. Whether seeking hydrotherapy treatments or a serene getaway, its setting within Wisconsin Dells presents the perfect backdrop for a restorative retreat.

Day Pass and Membership Options

Sundara Spa offers a serene experience for both day guests and members through carefully structured passes and membership options. These allow guests to enjoy the spa’s facilities and wellness treatments.

Wellness Passport Member Day Passes

Sundara Spa provides the Wellness Passport Membership, which includes a suite of benefits for those looking to immerse themselves in consistent wellness practices.

Day Guest Access and Requirements

Day guests at Sundara Spa are welcome, provided they adhere to certain policies to maintain the tranquil atmosphere. The key requirements for day guests are as follows:

  • Services: A minimum of two services must be booked to gain day guest access to the spa facilities.
  • Health Intake Form: Each guest is required to complete a health intake form to ensure tailored and safe wellness experiences.
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization: A form of payment via credit card is needed at check-in for any additional services or incidents.

These structured options ensure that whether a guest is visiting Sundara Spa for a single retreat or frequent wellness escapes, the experience is both rejuvenating and seamless.

Signature Spa Services

At Sundara Spa, guests are invited to invigorate their senses and rejuvenate their bodies with an array of specialized spa services. Here, it’s all about the therapeutic benefits, whether one seeks to energize their spirit or relax muscles after a day of adventure.

Facial and Body Treatments

Sundara Spa offers a variety of facial and body treatments that blend indigenous ingredients with modern wellness concepts. Among the offerings:

  • Purifying Facials: Utilize natural elements to cleanse and refresh the skin
  • Detoxifying Wraps: Aimed to draw out impurities and improve circulation
  • Exfoliating Scrubs: Gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a renewed complexion

These treatments are designed not just to purify the body but also to create a sense of inner peace.

Massage and Hydrotherapy

The spa provides massage and hydrotherapy services for those seeking a deeper level of relaxation and healing. Highlights include:

  • Therapeutic Massages: Tailored to individual needs to relax tense muscles
  • Hot Soak Rituals: A soothing hydrotherapy session promoting tranquility
  • Best Spa for Hydrotherapy: An accolade Sundara Spa prides itself on due to its combination of modern techniques with ancient rituals.

These services are crafted to help guests disconnect from the stress of daily life and emerge feeling centered and energized.

Exclusive Spa Amenities

In the heart of Wisconsin Dells, Sundara Inn & Spa stands out with its unique spa amenities. Guests enjoy a blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with exclusive features designed to offer a serene wellness experience.

Pools and Water Features

  • Indoor/Outdoor Swim-up Pool Bar: A distinctive feature combining fun and relaxation, this bar offers a space where guests can enjoy a beverage without leaving the water’s comfort. The outdoor portion is closed during extreme temperatures.
  • Signature Pool with Lounging Ledges: Open from May to October, this saltwater seasonal pool is perfect for guests who appreciate saltwater’s buoyancy and gentle care for their skin and overall wellness.

Relaxation and Fitness Areas

  • Hot Tub: Sundara Spa’s hot tub is a relaxation haven designed to reduce stress with its warm embrace and soothing water jets.
  • Fitness Center: For those who wish to stay active, the fitness center at Sundara Spa is fully equipped to maintain one’s workout routine, ensuring that wellness encompasses both mind and body.

Planning Your Visit

When planning a visit to Sundara Spa in Wisconsin Dells, guests should be mindful of booking procedures and what they can expect during their stay to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Booking and Check-In Process

Guests planning to stay overnight at Sundara Spa should consider making their reservations well in advance, especially for peak dates and Saturdays when availability may be limited. It’s recommended to reserve spa services, wellness activities, and dining options at the time of booking their stay. The check-in process for overnight guests is designed to be straightforward, and the friendly staff at Sundara Inn & Spa are always ready to assist with any needs or concerns.

  • Check-in Time: Typically in the afternoon (exact time may vary)
  • Reservation Tip: Call 888.735.8181 for help with booking.

What to Expect During Your Stay

During their visit, guests can anticipate a tranquil retreat with a variety of wellness-focused amenities. Sundara Spa’s policies are in place to enhance the relaxation and well-being of all guests, so it’s important to familiarize oneself with these guidelines before arrival. One should expect:

  • Adult-Only Policy: Sundara Spa offers an environment tailored primarily for adults.
  • Spa Services: A range of treatments that promise rejuvenation and a sense of wellness.
  • Wellness Activities: Guests can participate in activities designed to energize the soul.
  • Dining Experience: On-site dining at Nava promotes health and enjoyment.

Guests are encouraged to disconnect from technology and daily stressors to embrace the peaceful surroundings during their stay fully.

Accommodation and Packages

Sundara Spa offers an array of accommodation options and packages tailored to create a restful and rejuvenating experience. Guests can enjoy plush suites and take advantage of special deals for a memorable stay in a serene, accommodating atmosphere.

Staying at Sundara Inn

Sundara Inn & Spa provides a tranquil retreat with a variety of suites available, each designed to foster relaxation. Guests can choose pool, hillside, or woodland views. Suites vary in size; some can accommodate groups as large as seven, making them perfect for a range of occasions, from girlfriends’ getaways to family-focused gatherings. Each suite is equipped with amenities that support relaxation and well-being, featuring comfortable, plush bedding to ensure a contented night’s sleep.

Special Deals and Seasonal Offers

Sundara Spa periodically introduces special deals and seasonal offers that provide added value to guests’ experiences. These offers may include discounts on extended stays, mid-week visit rates, or package deals that bundle spa services with overnight accommodations. Visitors should check the Sundara Spa’s official website or contact the resort directly to inquire about current promotions. Seasonal offers are especially popular, providing unique experiences that align with the time of year, enhancing guests’ engagement with the resort’s natural setting.

Additional Services and Activities

Sundara Spa offers diverse services and activities designed to foster wellness and provide memorable experiences for groups. From Wellness and Fitness Programs catering to individual health needs to celebratory options for Group Events, visitors will find various ways to enrich their stay.

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Sundara Spa’s Wellness and Fitness Programs include a dynamic array of daily wellness activities tailored to enhance guests’ physical and mental well-being. These programs often feature:

  • Lake Delton Pontoon Cruise: Guests can enjoy picturesque views of Lake Delton while partaking in a serene pontoon cruise, a perfect blend of relaxation and nature exploration.
  • Guided Hiking: Exploring the scenic trails of Canyon Rd, visitors experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the serenity of Vanya Reserve.
  • Fitness Classes: A selection of classes designed to suit various fitness levels and preferences.
  • Meditation: Sessions are available, offering a quiet space for reflection and mindfulness.
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Learn about nutritious meal preparation that guests can replicate at home to maintain their wellness journey.

Group Events and Celebrations

For Group Events and Celebrations, Sundara Spa provides a unique and inviting setting. Groups can indulge in:

  • Spa Services: Tailored group packages for spa treatments that ensure every member finds relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Culinary Experiences: Group dining options that can include customized menus for special occasions.
  • Private Function Spaces: Well-appointed spaces to host private events or celebrations amidst the tranquil surroundings of Sundara Spa.

Whether guests come for fitness enhancement or to celebrate a special event, the additional services and activities at Sundara Spa cater to individual and group needs, ensuring a holistic experience filled with wellness and joy.


When considering a day pass or looking for deals at Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin Dells, potential visitors will find value and relaxation at the heart of the experience. The spa is recognized for its hydrotherapy and has garnered honors, such as being named in travel awards and top resort lists.

Day Pass Options:

  • Day Pass Accessibility: Pool and amenities access, usually tied with a spa service.
  • Day Pass Pricing: While prices can fluctuate, obtaining current rates directly from Sundara Inn & Spa is recommended.

Deals and Offers:

  • Seasonal Variations: Off-season visits may offer more competitive pricing, especially on weekdays.
  • Special Packages: Spa services often come bundled with perks like a day pass or additional amenities.

Patrons should plan their visit by checking availability and confirming costs, as they vary by season and chosen services. The Sundara Inn & Spa staff can provide detailed information and help secure the best possible experience.

Those interested in enhanced relaxation should consider pairing their day passes with spa treatments. Not only could this extend their access to the facilities, but it also maximizes the value of their visit. Hospitality and rejuvenation are Sundara Inn & Spa’s cornerstones, ensuring visitors feel refreshed and valued.


Since opening in 2003, its mission has been wellness in all they do and remains the same today.

In everything they do, our mission is wellness and service.

Sundara Spa Deals – Find a special for your mind, body, and spirit.

Spa services are designed to energize your soul. They believe that one day can change your life. Their spa treatments blend ancient wisdom with modern wellness to deliver good-for-you benefits. Time to disconnect and recharge, in that order.