Spa Gift Certificates

 A Spa Gift Certificates are thoughtful gift for any celebration or life event.  Men and woman appreciate the gift of time at the spa. A time for self improvement, self reflection, relaxation, stress relief, sharing, caring, fun and enjoyment. Spa gift certificates are a great gift idea for many of the biggest holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Christmas and birthdays.

Day Spa Gift Certificate is the perfect gift idea for your love one. Available in a variety of denominations, this innovation in gift-giving is flexible and designed to suit every individual, budget and taste. They are stylish and easy to store. Spa Gift Certificate is the key to a world of exciting, indulgent or unusual experience options.

Couples can celebrate at the spa for anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, baby moons, and weekend getaways.

Men can enjoy a one day mancation for father’s day, birthdays, and any time after a workout or after a weekend of golf, yard work, house maintenance or moving.  It is also a great gift to give to help ease any job stress caused by business presentations, business travel or career changes.

Woman can enjoy their gift certificates on mother’s day, Valentine ’s Day, girlfriend getaways for bridal showers, baby showers, or to give them a break from work, home the children, and all of the daily stresses of life.  It is a great pick me up any time and is better than flowers to say I am sorry.

Spa gift certificates are great business gifts to say thank you to your staff for all of their hard work.  It is a great house warming gift and helps to sooth those tired sore moving muscles.  It is a thoughtful realtor gift after the purchase of a new home.

Resort Spa Gift Certificates

If you wish to give something thoughtful to a person but don’t know what that person wants, a spa gift certificate could be a great option. Resort Spa Gift certificates are available in various denominations. But beaware of their expiration date and shipping charges or sales taxes incurred when purchased online.

Online resort spa gift certificates may be electronic or printed on plastic or paper. If the spa service charges total exceeds the value of the spa gift certificate, the recipient is responsible for paying the additional charges. Therefore it is always a good ideas to think ahead how your love one will use the gift.

Almost everyone loves to be treated to a luxurious day at the spa, and special treatments are available for pregnant women, new moms, couples, and men, so it’s a good choice for anyone who could use some relaxation. 

Common questions about Spa Gift Certificates:

Where can I buy a spa gift certificate?

The easiest solution is to buy a gift certificate directly on-line at Spavelous’ National Spa Gift Certificate Directory.  You can select a spa in the location you desire, you will be directed to that spas website where you can purchase your spa gift certificate directly from the spa of your choice.

How much should I purchase a spa gift certificate for?

Some Spas allow you to purchase gift certificates for services and discounted packages.  Most sell gift certificates for a dollar amount. Set a budget. How much you want to spend determines which spa to get your gift certificate from, and what services you can purchase.  You will find that the prices of services will vary based on the type of spa and the amenities they provide.  A resort spa which also allows you to use the fitness facility, classes, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, showers, changing rooms and relaxation areas may charge more than a day spa where you get changed in the treatment room and there is no available shower.

When determining the dollar value, check and see what the spas policies are.  Will they allow a portion of the gift certificate to be used for a tip, will they allow you to use it for retail. I prefer to purchase gift certificates for a dollar amount.  This enables the receiver to choose the services that they will enjoy.  Generally, I will price the service I think the person would like and add 20% for a gratuity.  If for some reason they do not want to leave a 20% gratuity they can use the rest for a retail purchase.  If the spa will not allow the gift certificate to be used for gratuity, then I would purchase the gift certificate for the cost of the average service and give them cash for the tip.

When it comes to Spa Gift Certificate there are no rules, it all is just right!  The best part is that one size can fit all.  There is something for everyone at the spa, and while you are at it, don’t forget to take yourself to the spa too.