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Toxic Beauty: Salon Safety Tips for a Healthy Summer

Award-winning Le Jardin Day Spa offers tips to prevent a luxury spa experience from turning in to an infectious nightmare.

Le Jardin Day Spa and Salon, the most award-winning and credentialed Spas in the Philadelphia-area, today announced tips for looking your best while staying safe at any spa this summer. LeJardin, voted Top Day Spa in Montgomery County four years in a row, recognizes that summer is the height of pedicure and Spa season, and that women around the country should be vigilant when it comes to pampering themselves this summer.

“Too often, women neglect safety when it comes to pampering,” said Stephen Fox, Owner of Le Jardin Day Spa and Salon. “Although there are thousands of reputable and safe salons across the country, we hope that the following information will arm women with the knowledge to stay beautiful and safe this summer,” he continued.

1.   Your Nose Knows – You should avoid salons where you notice strong odors. Salons that practice proper safety procedures should provide proper ventilation and maintain a near odorless environment in all areas. Inappropriate exposure to certain salon chemicals can lead to headaches, respiratory irritation, skin problems and more.

2.   Writing on the ‘Bathroom’ Wall – Like with restaurants, you’ll want to visit the bathroom of any salon you visit. The establishment’s restroom-cleanliness will offer a quick glimpse at their overall hygiene.

3.   Lethal Weapon – Any instrument that is used as part of a Spa service, from nail files to hair trimmers, should be properly disinfected after each use, not once at the end of the day.

4.   Disinfect to Protect – Technicians are required to clean both their and hands and their clients hands (and feet) prior to any nail service or massage. Be sure you’re not an exception. In addition, salon instruments are not the only thing that may be carrying germs or harmful bacteria; pedicure tub, manicure station and massage table surfaces all must be sanitized after each guest. This includes nail files, pumice stones, toe separators and more.

5.   Help Your Self – Le Jardin suggests that guests avoid shaving their legs immediately prior to any pedicure, or facial waxing prior to any facial. This will decrease any self-inflicted cuts, nicks or blemishes which could result in an infection. Meanwhile, don’t have your cuticles trimmed too aggressively, this could cause unnecessary bleeding.

6.   You Get What You Pay For – The price of your service does not indicate that you’ll receive a higher quality or safer experience. Do your homework.

7.   Do Ask, Do Tell – Don’t hesitate to ask for a technician’s license. All salons should have their Health & Safety Certificate displayed and should have the licenses of their technicians readily available.

8.   Toxic Beauty – Keep in mind that some products are toxic if swallowed. Le Jardin suggests that you wash your hands before eating or touching your eyes or nose following a salon treatment. Also, do a patch test if you suspect that you might be allergic to a lotion or chemical.

9.   Just Say No — Technicians should not offer service to a guest if they suspect the guest might have a cut or infection. Similarly, if a technician is responsible for accidentally cutting or burning a guest by filing too close to the skin, cutting a nail too low or by the high temperature of water or wax, a guest should immediately halt their service and disinfect their injury.

10.   Au Natural – Many all-natural and organic products are available on the market today, thus many salons are offering their guests the opportunity to reduce their carbon imprint on the environment. Le Jardin offers various organic shampoos, hair colors, lotions, polishes, makeup and waxes. Ask your salon for a list of their ‘green’ products.

Once considered a luxury, top quality salon services are now main stream. However, like with all medical procedures, there are always risks to any salon treatment. Clients are responsible for their own well-being and should research a salon before making an appointment, just like they would research a doctor or hospital. Le Jardin offers these tips as well as free beauty consultations and complimentary health seminars. Avielle, their premiere line of exclusive cosmetics, launching this summer, completes their wellness package.

Le Jardin strives, seven days a week, to provide the local community with a relaxing and elegant environment from which to receive the highest quality aesthetic services available. They have accomplished this by choosing exceptionally talented, certified professionals to perform state-of-the-art treatments which unify the body, mind and spirit. By creating harmony of these three elements their customers live happier and healthier lives. With years of experience and continuing education, Le Jardin’s dedicated staff is ready to serve the community and all of their needs–from pregnancy massages to facials, pedicures and dynamic hair design. The Spa offers beauty treatments for every woman and for every budget–a great idea for a birthday, bridal or baby shower or teachers gift.

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