Sunless Summertime Tans

Spavelous Sunless Summertime Tans

As my summertime vacation approached and I put on my bathing suit for the first time this season it became painfully obvious how porcelain white my skin has become over the winter. Now, is the time to work on what I like to call the two T’s of summer. Yes, it is time to self tanningwork on toning and tanning. For me, the toning part is easy I simply use my chi machine and vibrational therapy machine once a day for 10 to 15 minutes. I like to keep it simple. With the help of spas, the tanning can be just as easy. 

The healthiest way to go is to use a sunless tanner. Now I know what you are thinking; a streaky orange tan is not for you, but the ones on the market today are not the same your mother used! New formulas and creative ways to apply them allow for the color you desire without the streaky mess. While you can purchase many sunless products at the store and apply it yourself, for best results I recommend that you have it done at a professional spa. The spa person is properly trained in the use of self-tanners. These professionals will ensure that your skin has been properly prepared to receive the tanning products and that it has been evenly applied.

Here are three spas that offer Sunless Tanning Services. Check with your spa to see what they have available.

Beaucage Salon & Spa Boston, MA

Sunless Tanning
30 minutes 
The sport that summer glow safely with our expert application

The Greenbrier Spa, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986

Treat yourself to that Hollywood glow with our Eco-Cert spray tan used on the sets of your favorite television shows.  Get that straight from the beach look any time of year with this quick-drying natural-looking tan suitable for all skin types.

Village Spa, Collinsville, VA

Home of the Ultimate Tan

Choose your tan, 48-bulb Super Stand-Up (tans those hard to reach areas), Versa Spa UV Free Spray Tan, Legacy Leg Tanner, and Red Light Therapy.