Spa Treatments May Help Fight Some Diseases




Spa Treatments with Health benefits

A trip to the spa usually feels relaxing, and new research shows that getting rid of all that stress can also help fight some diseases.

Integrative medical specialist Dr. Mimi Guarneri said lowering your stress level has real medical benefits.

Spas now offer treatments that target medical problems. One type of facial is said help get rid of toxins in the lymph nodes.

Susan Furioli, a grandmother, said she skips the antacid when her stomach hurts. Instead, she opts for reflexology foot massage, which is said to help digestive problems.

Similar to ancient acupressure, there’s new evidence that pressure-point massage works.

Guarneri warned about treatments that promise a quick fix. Some therapists say a heated body wrap not only increases the metabolism to help you burn calories but also is good for arthritis, fibromalgia and sore muscles, but Guarneri said she hasn’t seen research that shows the wrap can help arthritis.

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