Spa Treatments that you will be seeing more of in 2008


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Just when you thought there could be nothing new in the world of spa treatments, the industry is aglow with ways to cater to those seeking to reduce stress, improve their appearance and indulge in some good old-fashioned pampering.


Fourteen-karat gold facials, exotic ingredients from the Amazon and massages made for your scalp are just some of the new trends coming to a spa near you.


Spas have long been at the forefront of cutting-edge beauty trends and innovation,” says Melisse Gelula


Any spa can provide a massage or facial, so spas are differentiating themselves by offering custom spa treatments specifically geared toward their clients’ needs and wants.


“I listen to my clients, to what it is they are asking me for,” says Germaine Gibbs, owner of AWA Spa and Wellness Sanctuary in South Tampa. “Sometimes, they don’t know what they are asking for, but they know the results they want. So I can make the treatment that can give them those results.”


AWA’s latest procedure is a full-body derma peel that offers deep exfoliation using enzymes and dermabrasion to leave skin soft and glowing. It’s $130 for a one-hour treatment that includes a home-care regimen.


“A lot of people are starting to realize how important it is to treat your whole body,” Gibbs adds.


Spa visits are on the rise in the United States. There are now more spas nationwide (nearly 16,000) than there are Starbucks worldwide (13,700).


And it’s not just the ladies who lunch who are clamoring for some “me” time.


“Spas have become more democratic,” Gelula says. “There are more price points than ever before. Now, there is a spa for everyone. There are spas for men, women, moms and babies, fitness spas, even dog spas. It’s so across the board, it’s become a lifestyle. Everyone can experience it.”



“These are very luxurious treatments,” she adds. “But they might not be the most effective. To give someone a gold facial as a spa gift is great”



The Midas Touch — Spas are infatuated with gold as a facial ingredient. But it’s more about bling (a gold facial or an ounce of serum with gold runs about $500) than benefits. It might not make you look younger, but it looks really cool on your face.


New Anti-Aging Targets — The neck is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Neck creams, bust-tighteners, and body über-exfoliators are coming to the spa and retail shelves by popular demand (helped along by Nora Ephron’s bestseller, “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman:” (Random House, $21.95).


A Natural Standard — Look for a regulatory standard and seal for natural beauty products now that organic spa products can use the USDA seal to indicate degree of purity. The Natural Standard Seal will require at least 95 percent natural ingredients and pure processing methods.


Tress Relief — Your next facial won’t stop at the hairline. Scalp massages are upgrading to full-length spa treatments for relaxation. “Most spa customers want their scalps treated,” Gelula says. “It can be part of a service or a stand-alone treatment. And it feels amazing. It’s like having your feet rubbed.”


Lash Lengthening— There will be a sharper focus on thickening Lashes, curling lashes and lengthening lashes. The product boom, marked by such lines as Osmotics FNS Nutrilash and ActiLash, was followed by a temporary bust when the FDA seized discontinued tubes of Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner in November, calling it an unapproved and misbranded drug. But as long as the ingredients are safe and the product stays on the right side of what a cosmetic can promise, lash-enhancing products will continue to be a huge trend.


Personal Skin Care Devices — The Zeno zit zapper and Clarisonic face-washing brush will be joined by a heap of new at-home beauty appliances. Many will mimic the mechanics of spa-grade gadgets, like the Mini-Marvel, which uses LED light to diminish wrinkles, acne, and blotches.


Chemical Peel Renaissance — Less aggressive formulas are on the rise at spas. They’re lower in acids and higher in skin soothers like green tea, and thus available to more skin types. And they can help with acne, aging and sun damage. Scaling back the potency also has produced more variations of the at-home peel.


Going Up The Amazon — The Amazon basin is the new spa-beauty garden, because its indigenous plants, fruits and nuts are high in antioxidants and skin-nourishing oils. Amazon Secrets contain açai, buriti, and guarana fruit. Inara Organics is based on the babassu nut. Even mainstream brands like Kiehl’s and Borba are using guanabana and yerba mate because of their purity and efficacy.


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