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Spavelous Spa TV is a unique collection of spa videos that features hundreds of online spa video clips in numerous categories. For your convenience, the Spavelous Spa Video TV has been organized into the broad channels listed above for your enjoyment.

Featured Spa Videos

Many spas in this country provide wonderful online videos of their establishments. Thus clients can experience the look and feel of the spa before visiting. At Spavelous, we hand-picked those that are well made for your process of finding a spa that is right for you. Local day spa videos, resort spa videos, vacation spa videos, and medical spa videos. We have them all. Remember, we update our video collection regularly, please come back often.


Featured Spa Treatment Videos

There are so many spa treatments to choose from in the spa world. Have you ever wondered which spa treatment is right for you? Or, do you want to learn about what different spa treatments are all about? The picture is worth a thousand words. You can read up on many spa treatments on Spavelous, but sometimes seeing is better. It is sometimes difficult to locate proper videos online from sources like YouTube, Yahoo Videos, or Vimeo, etc. Staff at Spavelous search these sites daily to find you the best spa videos.


Featured Spa Tips Videos

Educate spa goes, therefore no more concern and confusion, especially for people who are new to spas. Relax! If going to a spa for the first time makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many people have their first spa experience when they get a gift certificate to a day spa. Don’t worry! For many of the questions you have, we have found the answer for you in spa videos. Some of the questions you may have about spa etiquette, you may find the answer to in our Spavelous spa etiquette area. Questions that you may have about spa services; you may find the answers to in the spa terminology area or the spa TV area where you may view some of the services so you will have a better understanding of them.