Spas encouraged to Educate Clients Sun Safe


This event will introduce the Sun Safe Spa Program® which is designed to recognize Spas, Salons and physicians who educate their clientele in sun safety. Visit booth #503 for complete information.

The Sun Safe Spa Program® will provide funds for the Shade Across America UV Protection Program offered by the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation. The Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation has partnered with USA SHADE and Fabric Structures to supply UV Protection Packages consisting of a 20’ x 30’ Sun Smart Shade Structure and UV Warning Signal to recreation areas where children play. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures is the largest manufacturer of shade structures in the US.

The incidence of skin cancer continues to rise in the United States. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, prevention works best when consistent, healthy habits are adopted early in life. Young women between the ages of 20-29 are the fastest group of newly diagnosed melanoma cancer patients. One blistering sunburn during childhood will nearly double the lifetime risk of melanoma.
“It is my desire to increase awareness to the risks of skin cancer and to encourage people to adopt healthy habits to prevent the incidences. Early detection means survival. Skin cancer is one of the most diagnosed in this country and around the world, but when recognized early, success of the treatment is also one of the highest. Prevention and early treatment is the answer,” says William Barth, President of the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation.

“Along with education on the dangers of tanning in the sun, it is important to offer a healthy alternative for tanning,” states Barth. “We want to partner with the spa industry to offer this sun safe alternative to their clients,” he concludes.

“As a sun safe spa you are offering your clients the best method for looking “sun-kissed’ while protecting their skin from harmful UV rays. Not only will this help protect them from developing skin cancers, but it also will slow down the development of UV-induced age spots and wrinkles by providing clients with an attractive “UV alternative”, states Barth.

Solerra ® is one of the companies who partnered with the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation. “Sunless Beauty is dedicated to doing everything possible to raise skin cancer awareness and help decrease this trend. Solerra Sunless Tanning Science is home of the sunless tanning mitt. We allow you to acquire a rich, unique-looking glow without the risks of conventional methods. We are proud of our association with the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation,” says Sunless Beauty President Angie Trelstad.

“Communities need to work together to help educate and protect our kids. It is our responsibility to protect our kids from danger, and so it is my objective to have shade structures over every playground and sports park in America”, states Barth. “With the Sun Safe Spa® program, and the help of partners in the spa industry we will be able to cover our kids during the most important times of their lives, which is childhood,” he concludes.

For more information Contact:
William H. Barth, President / CEO
Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation
Phone: 877-478-6227
Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation

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