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Springs Eternal Spa Deals

Springs Eternal Spa Deals: Discover Exclusive Offers at Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Nestled in the serene Pennsylvania countryside, the Omni Bedford Springs Resort showcases a blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The centerpiece of relaxation at this esteemed destination is the Springs Eternal Spa, a haven that integrates natural elements and treatments inspired by the local surroundings. The spa invites guests to succumb to tranquility as they experience the revitalizing properties of the local mineral waters and bespoke services designed to soothe the senses.

A visit to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort extends beyond spa indulgences; it’s an all-encompassing retreat. Guests can unwind in elegantly appointed accommodations, savor culinary delights in multiple dining venues, and explore various outdoor activities within the property’s vast expanse. Every aspect of the resort aims to harmonize with the region’s rich heritage, ensuring an enriching and rejuvenating stay.

Key Takeaways

  • Springs Eternal Spa offers a unique range of treatments influenced by Bedford’s natural resources.
  • The Omni Bedford Springs Resort combines historic elegance with contemporary comfort.
  • Visitors can enjoy comprehensive amenities, including dining, lodging, and recreational activities.

Springs Eternal Spa

Springs Eternal Spa boasts 30,000 square feet at Omni Bedford Springs Resort. Our spa’s treatments are inspired by the resort’s eight natural mineral springs, which were first used by Native Americans for their healing properties.

Healing Legacy

Historically revered by Native Americans, the natural mineral springs at the spa are recognized for their healing properties.

Unique Spa Features

The spa offers the Bedford Bath Ritual, inspired by the rejuvenating properties of the natural mineral springs. This unique feature capitalizes on the historic use of these waters, providing a deeply relaxing and detoxifying experience. 

Emphasizing this legacy, the spa’s treatments integrate an indigenous product line developed using local herbs and botanicals. Sample the historic “Bedford Baths” using their signature indigenous product line inspired by local herbs and botanicals. 

You can also unwind with a soothing massage and beauty treatment, or simply spend a few moments in our serene spa garden to gather your thoughts on the day’s adventures. 

See Current Spa Deals:

eternal spring spa deals

Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa

The Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa boasts an array of exclusive spa packages tailored to provide guests with luxurious and restorative experiences in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Special Packages

At the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, visitors can indulge in the Eternal Indulgence Package, which offers a blend of accommodations and spa credits for treatments, ensuring a rejuvenating stay.

Pampering Packages

The Spa at Omni Bedford Springs pampers guests with packages that include the historic “Bedford Baths” and treatments using their signature product line inspired by local herbs and botanicals. Guests can explore a variety of options to tailor their spa experience to their preferences.

Specialty Offers

For those seeking more than just a spa day, the Springs Eternal Spa provides specialty offers that combine spa treatments with other activities and amenities at the resort, designed to create a holistic experience.

Member Perks

Members of the Omni Bedford Springs Resort loyalty program enjoy additional perks, including exclusive offers on spa services, allowing for an even more memorable visit to the Springs Eternal Spa.

Resort Amenities

Alongside the spa, guests can access a range of amenity options, such as golfing on a historic course, dining in multiple on-site restaurants, and exploring the resort’s natural beauty. The serenity of the on-site spa garden complements the comprehensive list of amenities available to guests.

Spa and Wellness Offerings

Nestled in the serene Allegheny Mountains, the Springs Eternal Spa provides a tranquil retreat with a range of specialized wellness and spa offerings.

Wellness Experiences

At Springs Eternal Spa, guests are welcomed to a holistic wellness journey, complementing their spa treatments with hiking, horseback riding, and fishing to balance the mind and body. The availability of various outdoor activities ensures that wellness extends beyond the spa’s walls.

Signature Treatments

Guests can indulge in a variety of signature treatments, including classic massages and facial treatments. The treatments are crafted to revitalize and nourish the body and use the finest ingredients and methods, ensuring a memorable spa experience.

Relaxation Spaces

The Springs Eternal Spa boasts a serene spa garden, steam room, and a tranquil outdoor pool, providing ample space for guests to relax and reflect in between treatments, surrounded by the natural beauty of the spa’s setting.

Fitness and Recreation

The spa offers a fully equipped fitness center for those looking to maintain their fitness regime. Additionally, with a pristine golf course, recreation opportunities abound, with the option to enjoy outdoor pools and the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

Accommodations and Dining

At Omni Bedford Springs Resort, guests can immerse themselves in a blend of comfort and elegance within the scenic backdrop of the Allegheny Mountains. The resort’s accommodations provide a luxurious retreat amid historical charm and modern amenities.

Promotional Offers

For those seeking an enhanced experience, some resort packages combine plush accommodations’ comforts with spa treatments’ serenity. 

Omni Bedford Springs Resort prides itself on its dining options as well. Visitors can relish fine dining at the resort’s elegant restaurant or casual meals at one of the several dining venues on the premises. From casual to fine dining, each restaurant offers a unique atmosphere to match the exceptional cuisine.

For a complete understanding of packages, availability, and terms and conditions, it is advised to review the details when making your reservation or visit the hotel’s offers page to see the range of experiences available.

Unparalleled Experience

The Springs Eternal Spa at Omni Bedford Springs Resort offers guests an unparalleled experience combining luxury and natural wellness. Guests are invited to rejuvenate with treatments inspired by local herbs and botanicals, contributing to a unique and restorative visit.

  • For those planning to visit, booking spa treatments in advance—at least four weeks recommended—is advisable to secure a preferred time. 
  • The Spa’s amenities underscore its status as a premium destination for relaxation and self-care. 

Whether through a soothing massage, a leisurely moment in the serene spa garden, or a session in the Bedford Baths, the Springs Eternal Spa caters to those seeking a peaceful retreat from the stresses of daily life.

All these elements combine to ensure that a visit to Springs Eternal Spa is a fulfilling experience that refreshes and revitalizes you.


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