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    Stevenswood Spa Resort Integrates Eco-friendly Amenities into “Greening” Program

    Officials of Stevenswood Spa Resort, one of the nation’s leading spa resorts dedicated to creating a more eco-friendly guest experience, today announced that it has implemented its next “green” initiative with the introduction of a 100-percent biodegradable line of Environmentally Sensitive Amenities™ at its 16-acre, ocean-view Indigo Eco/Spa and resort here. The amenities include environmentally friendly liquids, soap and packaging.

    “We began as a spa interested in the well-being of our guests and evolved into a resort simultaneously dedicated to improving the environment,” said Michael Webster, Stevenswood Spa Resort principle. “It was a natural extension to take our guest-focused wellness approach and expand it to the wellness of the environment. While we are small by spa/resort standards, we believe we can be a more progressive laboratory for larger resorts that have to contend with scale and bureaucracy. As we implement strong environment-oriented programs, we share it with the industry. While at the property level, soaps and liquids and their packaging may seem insignificant in terms of environmental impact, on a national level it accounts for thousands of tons of materials a year.”

    Webster noted that the spa was thinking “green” long before the LEED certification program began to become popular. ”We installed Delrin Venturi Spa Showerheads in 2004, which reduced water usage by more than 25 percent, while still providing a luxurious spa shower experience. In the past 3.5 years, we now recycle more than 30 percent of our expendables, resulting in tons of recycling, saving hundreds of barrels of oil and dozens of trees annually. More than 50 percent of the products we use are either recycled or bio-degradable.”

    Webster pointed out that the Environmentally Sensitive Amenities™ will have a meaningful impact on both the environment and the economy. “One ton of recycled plastic saves nearly 700 gallons of oil,” he said. “If the entire industry adapted a totally recyclable program for bathroom amenities, the savings could easily exceed millions of barrels of oil annually.

    “Our goal is to help preserve the environmental health of our ‘backyard,’ the Mendocino Coast. If others do the same for their respective backyards, we will have a major impact on the global environment.”

    All amenity bottles and their aluminum caps are fully recyclable and made mostly from post-consumer recycled materials. Additionally, ESA products contain minimal preservatives and labeling and are packaged in non-bleached, natural board for easy biodegradation.

    Specific ESA items that Stevenswood Spa Resort has acquired include:

    • Toothbrush & toothpaste

    • Hair comb

    • Makeup removal towelettes

    • Shower cap

    • Herbal shampoo, conditioner and lotion

    • Peppermint mouthwash

    • Shoe shine kit

    • Mending kit

    • Vanity pack

    • Facial and hand soaps

    • Q-tips

    • Bath crystals

    • Nail file

    • Cotton balls

    • Aroma body wash

    “Our guests expect the Stevenswood Spa Resort to be at the forefront of environmental awareness, while establishing the highest standards of luxury,” Webster added. “Adding this product line to our amenities is a natural step for us to maintain that commitment.”

    Stevenswood Spa Resort is an idyllic retreat on Northern California’s Mendocino Coast. Contemporary and secluded, this tranquil resort offers a gracious respite for travelers and locals alike. Located two minutes south of the town of Mendocino in Little River, this AAA Four-Diamond property is surrounded on three sides by State Park, and is a short walk to the Pacific Ocean. Intimate by design, elegant by nature, the lodge features luxury suites, the acclaimed Restaurant at Stevenswood, and the Five-Star Indigo Eco|Spa. A private botanical garden, Jacuzzi hot tub spas, and landscaped grounds enhance the breathtaking setting, with a backdrop of Redwood groves and ocean meadows. For more information, call 707.937.2810

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