Sugar Damage Health


Sugar Damage Health

Eliminating Sugar Could be the Best Tummy Control 

We all have heard a version of the old adage a second on your lips will put a pound on your hips. Recent articles on aging have developed a new adage; eating foods that are sugar laced creates wrinkles on your face.

As a child, coming from a family of five, we never had a great deal of sugar or sweets in the house, and when we did, it was very quick to eaten. As I became established in my own household, I discovered that I did have a sweet tooth. My lifestyle was one of meals followed with dessert. Breakfast followed with éclairs and whip cream or yodels, Lunch followed with chocolate pudding and whip cream or Oreo cookies. Dinner followed with more chocolate cake and ice cream. In hind sight, I can see that I was addicted to sugar. However, at the time I never thought that I had a problem with sugar nor did I know the consequences of consuming so much sugar.

It wasn’t until I was over forty, and started attending college to get my degree as a Holistic Practitioner, that I discovered the negative impact of sugar on my face and body. I was in a nutrition class where the instructor was looking at each person’s face, skin and body type and analyzing what food challenges we had based on his observations. When he came to me, I was prepared to hear that I looked the epitome of health. Unfortunately, I was mistaken and very surprised at what he had to say. As he looked at my face, he noticed the hyper pigmentation throughout my skin and the deep liver lines between my brows. My body frame is small and I have a pretty good metabolism, but I tended to have a little puffy stomach. It was clear to him from these signs that I was probably allergic to sugar, and unless I made adjustments to my diet, I would probably become a type 2 diabetic and develop problems with my adrenals, liver, thyroid and heart. He asked me if I woke up between 1 and 3 at night. Once again, I was amazed at how he could know that. Since that time, I have learned the language of the body when it comes to your life and your health.

My instructor recommended that I get my blood tested for food allergies to see what items I should eliminate from my diet. It was hard for me to fathom being allergic to these foods. How could I be? I did not break out in a rash or develop problems breathing after consuming them so what were the signs of this allergy? I then learned that an allergic reaction may be subtle. You may develop mucous in your nose, throat or intestines. You may have the hiccups, have food cravings for the foods you are allergic to, wake up in the middle of the night, or have headaches and bloating in the body

Sugar damage health

Out of curiosity, I had the tests done. The results indicated that I was allergic to processed sugar, beets, honey and cheese. After learning that I had an ah-ha moment. Every time I had a Caesar salad, my nose would start running. I always thought that the restaurant was too cold, now I know it was an allergic reaction to the cheese. Cutting out the cheese was easy though, for the most part I never really liked cheese. The sugar, well that was a way of life for me. However, in the interest of my health I was determined to drop it cold turkey.

What I discovered, was that it was not as easy as I thought to eliminate sugar. It was not just a case of not eating chocolate pudding or cake. It meant that I no longer could go to the grocery store and just pick up any food items. I now needed to read the labels. How hard could that be? After all, I mostly shop the outer aisles of meat, dairy fresh fruit and vegetables. Little did I know how many items I picked up had sugar in them. My first sugar free trip to the grocery store took over 3 hours. Try and find a tomato sauce without sugar or honey.

You can pretty much rule out all jars of tomato sauce. Fortunately, I found Muir Glen Organic tomato sauce. The only ingredient is organic tomatoes. Now, that cannot be said of their jars of flavored tomatoes sauces. These do contain either sugar or honey. That was just one item of many to contain sugar. What about bread, cereal, jam, flavored creamers, condiments and salad dressing.

Within a week of eliminating the sugar from my diet, my puffy tummy went down, and I stopped waking up in the middle of the night. Yes, my skin, body and face were happier without sugar. Sugar was not right for me, and to tell you the truth, once I made a few changes, it was pretty easy to give it up. The good news is that I discovered that being processed sugar free does not mean giving up dessert or chocolate. There are many alternatives, alternatives that do not need to include aspartame or other chemical sweeteners that I will discuss later in this newsletter. Before that, it is important to understand that eliminating or reducing sugar is not just about food allergies, it is also about minimizing the negative impact that sugar has on all of our bodies.

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