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Salt Healing

Salt Healing - feeling relaxed and having the best night sleep ever If you have ever spent the day at the beach breathing in the salt...

Los Gatos Oncology Massage

Spa-Los Gatos aids cancer patients through massage therapy treatments Each time Carol Walter steps into the Spa-Los Gatos, she knows a safe haven awaits...

Alternative Medicine – Gains with woman

This article is brought to you by Complementary and Alternative Medicine According to a new nationwide government survey, 36 percent of U.S. adults aged...

Blackberry Thumb – the spa treatment solutions to job stress

This article is brought to you by Exec Lifestyles: Massage that aching 'BlackBerry thumb' Sometimes, it just takes a while...

Acupunture and Pain Management for Cancer

This article is brought to you by Acupuncture May Aid Head and Neck Pains in Cancer Patients A new study has revealed...

The not-so-secret ways to a healthier and longer life

  This article is brought to you by Meeting the Swiss naturopath, Dr Alfred Vogel, changed pharmacist Jan de Vries’ life forever – and in...