The Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa Opening Cary NC


New Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa Opens in Cary

Cary, NC — The Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa, a new center for the well-being of moms, dads, and babies from early pregnancy through the toddler years, is opening its doors to the Triangle Community with a mission to raise the bar in healthy parenting. Through a wide selection of programs, workshops and resources, the new Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa aims to help parents bond with and nurture their children, get fit and allow them to embrace the natural process of parenting. The goal is that parents, babies and toddlers alike will leave feeling peaceful, happy and re-energized. Programs provided at the baby spa include Infant Massage, Mommy and Baby Yoga, Mommy and Toddler Yoga, Mommy and Baby Belly Dance, Prenatal Yoga and Pilates, Belly Dance, Prenatal Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Support Group, Baby Sign Language, Sing and Sign Playtime, and many more.

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The baby spa, designed as a supportive, therapeutic, and luxurious environment, is staffed with certified, credentialed experts and offers a variety of hand-picked natural products for a mother’s prenatal and postnatal care, as well as for the care of her baby. The spa also features a gift store offering unique baby gifts and custom gift packages.

“As a mother raising two young children in Cary, I wanted to provide every mother in the Triangle with the opportunity to establish a healthy family lifestyle while spending quality time with her baby,” says Keren Benmoshe, founder of the Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa. Research shows that this type of interaction with an infant can improve circulation, strengthen immunity, enhance neurological development, develop sensory and motor skills and stimulate digestion, providing relief of gas and colic. “The baby spa provides fun and holistic programs promoting well-being and the attachment and bonding of parents with their little ones”. Keren moved to Cary in 2002, is a mother of two and active in the Cary parenting community.

For more information and registration, call 919.467.8801.


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