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The Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa Cary NC


Baby Spa and Pediatric Services in Cary, NC

History of the Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa

The Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa opened its doors in Cary, NC, in 2008. Keren Benmoshe founded the spa to provide a dedicated space for new and expecting moms to gather with their little ones.

Variety of Offerings

The spa hosted prenatal yoga, mommy and me classes, infant massage sessions, and more. The spa also held a local La Leche League Breastfeeding Café weekly to support nursing mothers.

Popular Infant Massage

One especially well-loved offering was the infant massage class starting at 6 weeks old. These classes taught parents and caregivers techniques tailored specially for babies. The massage offered benefits like:

  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Boosted immunity
  • Soothing for fussiness/colic

The one-on-one bonding time also strengthened the parent-child connection.

Meeting the Need for Pediatric Services

While the physical Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa location has closed over the years, the demand has remained in Cary for similar child and infant developmental support.

Babies on the Move Pediatric Therapy

One local business working to meet community needs is Babies on the Move. They provide in-home pediatric physical therapy specifically focused on furthering babies’ motor development – their progression with movement and coordination skills.

Overview of motor development in babies and the role of parents and caregivers in helping to foster healthy development.

  • Motor development refers to the process by which babies and children develop movement skills and coordination. It can be categorized into gross motor skills (large movements using major muscle groups) and fine motor skills (small, precise movements using hands, fingers, etc).
  • Motor development progresses in a predictable sequence from simple to more complex skills – rolling, sitting up, crawling, walking, etc. However, the timing of achieving milestones can vary between children.
  • As caregivers, parents have opportunities to help or potentially impede a child’s motor development through interactions, activities, environment setup, etc. However, parents often lack guidance on the specifics of how to best facilitate skills.
  • Babies On The MOVE is a service providing in-home pediatric physical therapy focusing on:
  • Educating parents about motor development and developmental milestones
  • Empowering parents with tools and techniques to help their child’s movement abilities
  • Fostering confidence in parents to support their child’s motor development
  • Eliminating travel and allowing therapy in the child’s natural environment
  • Helping each child work on their specific developmental needs

The key goals are to equip parents with knowledge and customized guidance while making access to support as convenient as possible to focus on their child.

Sessions take place in the home environment, eliminating travel. This allows families to focus on their child’s therapy within their regular daily lives. Physical therapists educate parents on developmental milestones and empower them with tools tailored to their baby’s needs.

Current Use of Former Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa Building

The former Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa physical building now houses Next Level Physio Cary. This clinic offers physical therapy for athletes, active adults, and individuals dealing with chronic injuries and pain.

  • Specializes in physical therapy for runners, triathletes, and other athletes
  • Founded “by athletes for athletes.”
  • It aims to help active patients of all ages boost their performance
  • Works to aid post-injury recovery and chronic issue treatment
  • Leverages the latest techniques and technology for patient care
  • Has a reputation for achieving exceptional outcomes

Their services range from post-surgery rehab to performance enhancement training leveraging the latest techniques and technology. With over 2,000 patients treated, Next Level Physio has a strong reputation for helping clients regain function and return to the activities they love.

Key benefits and services offered by Next Level Physio in Cary, NC:


  • Provides elite, sports-focused physical therapy
  • Helps patients maximize movement potential
  • Restores biomechanics to improve performance
  • Gets patients back to activities they enjoy
  • Offers customized, one-on-one care
  • Focuses on long-term solutions, not quick fixes


  • Orthopedic and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Injury treatment and prevention
  • Movement analysis and gait assessment
  • Golf and running-specific rehabilitation
  • Triathlon coaching and training
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Dry needling
  • Blood flow restriction therapy
  • Dynamic electro-cupping
  • Concussion management
  • Return to sports programming
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Cutting-edge assessment tools and interventions
  • Exercise programs tailored to patient goals

So, while the Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa has closed, pediatric-focused and adult physical therapy services carry on the original mission of supporting community health in Cary, NC.

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