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Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa

The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa is one of the South’s best-loved resorts. Built in 1913 with granite stones mined from Sunset Mountain, the resort overlooks the city of Asheville, N.C., and provides majestic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With its distinctive undulating red clay tile roof and original Roycroft furnishings and fixtures, The Grove Park Inn captures the essence of the Arts and Crafts movement.  Throughout its massive lobby, words of inspiration from noted authors and anonymous sources are etched in stone.

The pure mountain air, impeccable service and unparalleled cuisine have attracted visitors by the score, from William Jennings Bryan, who delivered the keynote address at the inn’s opening in 1913, to Thomas Edison, Will Rogers, Henry Ford, F. Scott Fitzgerald and eight U.S. Presidents.  At the end of the 20th century, The Grove Park Inn underwent a major renovation, adding a 40,000-square foot spa and expanding its outstanding sports complex.

The Spa

Welcome to The Spa at The Grove Park Inn Resort.

And so it begins.
Guests of The Spa start with a short journey down to the entrance, located within The Grove Park Inn’s stately façade. Is it an underwater cavern, or a rock outcropping surrounded by lush nature? Taking aesthetic inspiration from the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, The Spa’s appearance seems at once familiar and foreign, intriguingly so.

As you approach, tranquil sounds of running water fill your ears. Palpable energy, healing and positive, flows through the air, perhaps in your own anticipation of what’s to come. You may notice your breathing naturally relaxing. This, unsurprisingly, is all by design.

An entire day of indulgence is yours for the taking.
An entire day, just for you. Your Spa experience is not limited to the length of a specific treatment. Instead, it is our desire to immerse you in exceptional rejuvenation
and tranquility… all day long.

The Spa is more than 40,000 sq. ft. in size, 15,000 of which are amenities for you to enjoy before and after your treatment. Consider yourself cordially invited to use our mineral pools with their soothing underwater music and nearby waterfall pools. Enjoy exhilarating contrast pools, a lap pool, an inhalation room, sauna and a eucalyptus-infused steam room. Sip herbal teas and savor refreshments in our separate Men’s and Women’s Relaxation Lounges. And remember to pause and drink in the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains with their own ethereal, soothing effect.

The entirety of your Spa experience will be superbly catered to by our Spa Concierge. One note of warning: prepare to be pampered beyond your wildest imagination.

Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa Video Tour

The Grove Park Inn & Spa Video Tour

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  • Travel + Leisure Magazine      2008
    • World’s Best Hotel Spas, #13
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