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two bunch of palms resort and spa
Two Bunch of Palms Resort and Spa


Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa

Two Bunch Palms is truly one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Once behind the protective gates of our private, 56-acre Southern California destination spa resort, you will find peace and quiet at every turn in our many paths on the property. We invite you to a wonderful, mystical world where water, heat, air and touch come together to carry you to a place where time, expectations and titles drift away. It is here that a deep sense of rest, relaxation, and inner harmony unfolds.

As one of the most exclusive resorts in the world, Two Bunch Palms offers an extraordinarily diverse array of spa treatments. Therapies at this legendary Desert Hot Springs spa resort range from traditional to esoteric, from simple and straightforward to mystical and engaging. We invite you to discover new and powerful experiences that maybe you’ve never tried or even heard of before! Embrace a sense of adventure and try a mud bath or a Watsu or a Cranio-Sacral treatment – an experience you may never have at home. Indulge in one of the romantic couples’ treatments with heavenly massage and a warm aromatic bath by candlelight, which creates blissful memories to extend far beyond your time at Two Bunch.

Our treatment consultants, available by phone or in person, will help you select a blend of treatments and therapists to best meet your needs. And, as our therapeutic staff is renowned for their exceptional diversity and breadth and depth of knowledge of the healing arts, we encourage open, considerate communication with your therapist so that they may best utilize their many skills, talents and gifts to allow your experience to unfold gracefully.


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