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Avoid Poverty: 9 Things You Should REMOVE From Your Bedroom Now

To Avoid Poverty: 9 Things You Should REMOVE from Your Bedroom Now


What’s up with these nine items?

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you work, how many vision boards you make, or how much you meditate, you still feel stuck in scarcity? Well, my friend, the problem may be in your bedroom. Certain items we surround ourselves with can block abundance without realizing it.

Have you ever struggled to keep your bedroom clutter-free and peaceful? When your bedroom is messy and chaotic, it is also reflected in your bank account. Certain items in our bedrooms can trap stagnant energy and block prosperity. 

avoid poverty
keep your bedroom clutter-free and peaceful
Story at a Glance 

Certain items in your bedroom can block prosperity and abundance. Avoid Poverty removing these items can shift your energy and mindset to attract more wealth.

The 9 prosperity-blocking items to remove from your bedroom are:

  1. Single socks and worn-out underwear
  2. Old clothes you don’t wear anymore
  3. Dusty books you’ll never read again
  4. Expired or unused beauty products
  5. Worn-out or damaged shoes
  6. Incomplete accessories and empty shoe boxes
  7. Tattered blankets, sheets, or comforters
  8. Physical and energetic clutter
  9. Unused hangers and hooks
  • These items emit low-vibrating, stagnant energy that blocks the flow of abundance. They send subconscious messages of lack, scarcity, and incompleteness.
  • Replace clutter with high-quality items that empower and support you. An open, uncluttered space allows prosperity energy to flow freely.


Get ready to avoid poverty and declutter your way to prosperity and abundance!

Let’s get into it. Here are the specifics about these nine things you should immediately remove from your bedroom because they attract poverty and ruin. 

By removing these specific things, you’ll shift the energy and make room for new opportunities, income streams, and next-level wealth.

1) Single Socks and Worn-out Underwear

First, you might feel it’s normal, and no one will know this, but it’s single socks and worn-out underwear. Toss anything with holes, tears, or without a match. 

Our socks and underwear are items we wear close to our skin all day, so they take on our energy. When they are tattered or worn out, they emit signals of lack and limitation. 

Think about it: single socks represent incompleteness or not having the complete pair; underwear with holes or tears means you are literally not being fully covered.

Energetically, this sends a message that you don’t deserve to be fully resourced, supported, and abundant. When you’re ready to call in prosperity, the first step is to remove these worn items from your intimate space. 

To avoid poverty. Make room for new high-quality undergarments that cover and support you completely. This sends your subconscious mind the message that you are ready to overflow with abundance. It honors your worth and aligns you energetically with a prosperity consciousness. It’s such a simple shift but so powerful!

2) Old Clothes You Don’t Wear Anymore

Number two: old clothes you don’t wear anymore. Go through your closet and drawers and remove anything you last wore over a year ago. Donate items that are still usable so someone else can enjoy them. My simple trick is to turn all my hangers backward to start the year. At the end of the year, anything unturned has yet to be worn and should be discarded or donated.

Clothes pile up quickly, especially when trends or our bodies change shape. Holding onto clothes, we never wear has a negative energetic impact. Having overflowing closets or stuffed drawers sends a message of scarcity that you need more space for your belongings. The energy feels stagnant and stuck, and there is no room to let anything new into your life.

When you clear out old clothing you’re holding onto for no reason, you create space for newness to enter your life. Energetically, you signal readiness for growth, change, and new opportunities. Just like your dresser drawers, there is room for new clothes. You have room for new experiences.

Your life has room for fresh abundance. So do a purge of your unworn clothes. Bless items, express your gratitude for having had them in your life, and pass them along to others in need if they are usable.

To avoid poverty. See your closet and dresser as a channel of abundance. When they are clear and open, prosperity can flow through your life unobstructed. It feels so good!

3) Books You’ll Never Read Again

Number three is dusty books you’ll never read again. Books hold a lot of energy. If you’re holding on to any you know you will never read again, give them to someone who will use them.

Books contain the energy of the ideas and information inside them. That energy can stagnate when they sit idle and neglected on a shelf. Think of books like flowing streams of consciousness. If the stream stops flowing, the water gets congested and stale.

Holding on to books we will never read again creates blockages in the flow of new ideas and knowledge into our lives. By gifting or donating old books, you keep the energy moving. Make your bookshelves a rotating source of new information rather than relics of the past.

This applies to physical books, e-books, or courses you purchased and never used. Delete them from your devices or accounts so you do not carry that stale energy. 

I recently gave away the book “Think and Grow Rich.” it was on my table. Now that the book has left my table, it has opened up space for a new one. I then bought “Feeling Is The Secret” by Neville Goddard. Let your books be living tools for growth.

To avoid poverty. Regularly cleansing your library of unused books allows new ideas, mentors, and abundance to enter your mind and life.

avoid poverty
Regularly cleansing your library of unused books

4) Expired or Unused Beauty Products

Number four is expired or unused beauty products. Go through your skincare, makeup, hair products, etc., and recycle anything past its prime. Not only do these products contain germs or bacteria, but they keep you looking dated and stuck back in time.

Like food, beauty products have an energetic lifespan. When we use products beyond their expiration date, that stale energy is transferred to our bodies.

Expired beauty items also send a message that you need to value yourself more to use high-quality products that nourish your body.

Clearing out old expired products or products you don’t use makes space for new self-care abundance. It signals the universe that you are ready to receive the latest and greatest treatments to adorn yourself.

When you care for your body with fresh, potent products, you magnify your radiance from the outside in. This radiance attracts prosperity and admiration from others.

To avoid poverty. To check those expiration dates! Recycle any makeup, lotions, hair sprays, or treatments over the hill.

5) Worn-out or Damaged Shoes

Number five: worn-out or damaged shoes. Your shoes carry you through life, so wear ones that reflect success.

Our shoes walk us through each day and take us wherever we need to go. When they are tattered, it slows us down physically and energetically. Holes in your soles or frayed heels signal you are not fully supported. Energetically, you are leaking power and resources.

On the other hand, sturdy and elevated shoes empower you to move through life with a spring in your step.

Worn-out, unsupportive shoes convey that you don’t deserve abundance carrying you smoothly through life. If your favorite shoes are scuffed up, you can repair them. But anything truly falling apart must be replaced.

To avoid poverty. Do a shoe purge and make room for new or gently used pairs that make you feel empowered, motivated, and unstoppable!

6) Incomplete Accessories and Empty Shoe Boxes

Number six is incomplete accessories and empty boxes. Eliminate incompleteness and scarcity thinking from your space.

Look around your bedroom for lone earrings without a match, empty jewelry boxes, or shoe boxes for shoes long gone.

We are clinging to incompleteness and lack when we energetically hold on to single earrings and empty containers. Remember: the universe abhors a vacuum. Empty spaces draw in energy to fill them. So empty boxes and missing matches subconsciously represent areas of lack waiting to be filled.

To avoid poverty. Eliminating empty boxes and incomplete pairs sends a message that you will no longer tolerate scarcity. You make room for completeness, matching all you desire. Toss, donate, or recycle anything incomplete, and fill your space only with beloved items that uplift you. 

7) Tattered Blankets, Sheets, or Comforters

Number seven is tattered blankets, sheets, or comforters. Cover yourself in abundance, not traces of poverty.

You use and interact with your bedding intimately each night, so torn, frayed, or threadbare bedding carries that depleted energy into your subconscious. Think about it: you spend hours wrapped in these sheets as you sleep and dream. Damaged bedding subtly sends messages of lack.

You deserve to be wrapped in soft, luxurious, high-quality linens to feel comfortable, dignified, and abundant.

To avoid poverty. Replace any bedding that is ripped, stained, or thinning out. Upgrade to sheets, blankets, and comforters that feel great against your skin. This sends your subconscious the message that you deserve to be comfortable, dignified, and abundant every night.

8) Clear Your Space of Cluttered, Broken Items.

Number eight creates physical and energetic clutter. Clear your space of clutter, broken items, excess furniture, outdated technology, paperwork, and knickknacks that no longer serve you.

Look around your bedroom for any physical clutter. This includes broken items, outdated electronics, excess paperwork, bills, knickknacks you don’t love, furniture you don’t use, and anything damaged or expired. The bedroom is no place for stressful things. 

The energy feels stagnant when our bedrooms are cluttered with things we don’t need, use, or love. Remember: clutter in our physical space reflects chaos in our minds. Mental clutter blocks us from manifesting what we desire.

The same principle applies to energetic clutter. Think broken objects, expired products, and old cords from electronics long gone create congested, chaotic energy that prevents prosperity and positive energy flow.

To avoid poverty. Go through your entire bedroom and clear out anything broken, expired, unnecessary, or unloved. Remove knickknacks, furniture, electronics, and paperwork too.

Make space for only the essentials that serve you and bring you joy. An open, clear, spacious bedroom is energetically aligned with prosperity, and abundance flows freely and smoothly into our lives.

9) Unused Hangers and Hooks

Finally, number nine. Unused hangers and hooks. Free up space for new opportunities to hang around.

Take a look in your closets and on the backs of doors. Are there any unused hangers or hooks just sitting there? Though it may seem harmless, energetically, this sends a message of stagnation. The hangers need to fulfill their purpose of holding clothing. Just as you have a purpose in life to fulfill.

When you remove unused hangers and hooks, you open up the space for new things. Remember: nature abhors a vacuum.

To avoid poverty. Empty spaces draw in energy to fill them. 

Why Do These Items Attract Poverty and Disease?

At first glance, something like an old t-shirt or a stack of books may seem harmless to keep around. But on an energetic level, they can have very real adverse effects.

Remember: everything is energy, including physical objects. When we surround ourselves with cluttered, stagnant energy, it slows the flow of fresh, vibrant energy into our lives.

Old, worn, unused, or broken items emit dense, low-vibrating energy. When that builds up in your intimate bedroom space, it weighs you down energetically. 

This depleted energy can manifest as continued finances, health motivation, and vitality struggles.

Just like how clutter blocks traffic flow, energetic clutter blocks your flow. The same applies to disease: a stagnant, cluttered environment is a breeding ground for illness. 

There is no space for healing vibrations, whereas a clean, open, vibrant space cleared of clutter allows unobstructed healing energy to flow through you.

Removing these nine items allows prosperity and wellness to enter your life quickly, avoid poverty.


In the comments, let me know if you need help keeping your bedroom clutter-free. It’s important to note that these changes won’t turn a poor person into a millionaire or make a rich person significantly richer. The most significant economic transformations come from a complete identity, learning, and skills change to avoid poverty.

What we’re discussing now will change your trajectory and elevate it, regardless of whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between. Removing these stagnant items from your bedroom will boost your current financial situation. It’s all about shifting your energy and mindset and making room for wealth and abundance to enter your life.