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Transform Your Life Today: Remove These 5 Things from Your House Now!

positively transform your lifeTransform Your Life Today

Remove These 5 Things from Your House Now!

Hey there! Are you tired of not having energy and abundance in your life? It’s time to start fresh and eliminate things you don’t need. Let’s start by looking at some things you should eliminate right now from your house because they attract poverty and stagnation! Learn how to transform your life today.

Story at a Glance:

  • Everything in our homes carries energy that can either propel or hold us back.
  • We should eliminate clothes we no longer wear, broken items, worn-out shoes, and deceased. Sharing self-improvement advice. What are the other four things that should be eliminated from the house? Family members’ belongings that don’t bring joy and clutter.
  • Clothing: Clothes we no longer wear contain the energy of our past, which no longer aligns with our current energy. Keeping that clothing around stagnates your progress. Donate or discard clothes you don’t wear and keep only the clothing that makes you feel confident and joyful.
  • Broken objects drain energy and represent stagnation. Discard them mindfully with gratitude rather than trying to fix them and allow new energy to flow.
  • Shoes guide our life’s journey. Keep them clean and replace worn-out ones to stay aligned with your highest potential.
  • Only keep heirlooms that bring joy. Let go of others’ energy to allow their journey to continue.
  •  Clutter blocks energy flow and stagnates progress. Keep your home clean, organized, and infused with plants, sunlight, and fresh air to create a harmonious environment that sets the stage for transformations in all areas of life.
  • Creating a harmonious home with positive energy sets the stage for transformations in all areas of life.


Here are the top five things that should be removed from your house to transform your life. You must pay close attention to the information I will share; the reason for each is particularly critical.

  1. Clothing
  2. All broken or cracked items
  3. Old, worn-out, or ill-fitting shoes
  4. Objects or clothing from deceased family members
  5. Eliminate Clutter, Keep it clean

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, and everything you want seems only halfway achieved, it likely stems from one or more of the five things I will explain in detail – what they are and why you must immediately remove them from your house and life. Taking this critical action is imperative.

Even the word “EVERYTHING” has all the letters of ENERGY in it

life energyEverything in the world is energy – from yourself to every object in your house – and energy can either propel you forward or hold you back from achieving your goals. After realizing this, I began to pay close attention to every item I owned in my house and found that many of them had some connection to my past.

When I managed to eliminate them, I began manifesting miracles I had never imagined.

Take a few minutes and pay close attention because this information is compelling. If you apply it to your life, you’ll also see miracles happen.

These five things that I will detail for you now are related to the principle of vibration. Let’s start with the first thing you should eliminate from your house:

Unloved – Unfitting Clothing:

unloved - unfitting clothingThe first thing is the clothes you no longer wear. When you acquire a garment, you have a particular energy according to your situation. Indeed, you have experienced buying clothing that you loved and wore frequently, but suddenly you stopped wearing it.

Do you know why you stopped using it? It’s because you changed. Remember that we constantly evolve, and what you liked yesterday may not resonate with you today. The clothing you no longer wear contains the energy of your past, which no longer aligns with your current energy.

Keeping that clothing and their energy around stagnates your progress. That’s why you should not keep clothes that you no longer wear. Keep only the clothing you adore, feel comfortable wearing, are your favorites, and make you smile when you see yourself in the mirror. The remainder can either be donated if it’s in good condition or disposed of if it’s not.

Before January 1st of each year, I turn all my hangers around in the closet. Any hangers not turned by year-end represent clothing I did not wear that year. Thats right! Time to let them go.  

Before parting with those garments, I will ask you to do an exercise, and you must pay attention. Hold that garment in your hands and express gratitude by saying this: “Thank you for the moments and memories we shared and the time we spent together.”

Why am I requesting you to do this? Because that garment holds energy, it must complete its cycle and bid farewell with gratitude and thankfulness. When you wore it, it surely brought terrific moments and memories to you. This is step one to transform your life.

Shattered Lives, Cracked and Broken Items

The second thing that blocks your energy is broken things. It could be a kitchen utensil, a decorative item like a vase, a mirror, a painting, or anything else you may have in your house. Remember, your house is your temple, and you must take care of it. If something breaks, do not attempt to repair it by gluing the pieces together. 

The item is already damaged, and keeping broken objects in your home drains energy and blocks positive flow. Instead, mindfully discard the broken item. Express gratitude for its prior service, then bid it farewell and throw it away. Superglue is not your friend when it comes to having positive energy in your life.

This also correlates to releasing relationships that no longer serve you. Holding on to a broken relationship keeps you tied to the past.  This is step two to transform your life.

To Change Your Path, Change Your Shoes

change your pathThe third thing is dirty or worn-out shoes, and I learned this from one of the most outstanding metaphysics teachers: You guide your life’s journey by the shoes you wear. Keep them clean and in good condition. When you come home, you should clean your shoes so that any external energy they carry does not enter your temple.

Do you want a broken path in your life? I imagine you do not. Try your best to replace worn-out shoes with new ones. Your shoes guide you every day, supporting the weight of your physical body and absorbing all the energy when they are outside your house. Always try to keep your shoes clean and in good condition.

You would not hike with slippers, and you would not run with sandals. Your shoes can hold you back. Have the proper footwear for the job and ensure it is in the best shape. This is step three to transform your life.

The Energy and Joy of Those We Love Is Always Within us.

The fourth thing you should only have in your house requires a little attention because most people usually have these things as keepsakes, or else it may be a room you no longer go in. Yes, grieving is complicated. Objects and clothes of people no longer with you or on this plane need to be removed, donated, or discarded. Keep only those articles that bring you joy. 

Memories should only remain in your mind; the rest is energy. If that person is no longer in your present, please let them go to continue their journey, and do not interrupt their process because if you do, all you will achieve is further stagnation in your house. It would be best to hold memories and family heirlooms full of joy and positive energy.

There should only be things that are part of your present, and the past is already dead; it doesn’t exist. Jesus said, “Let the dead bury their own dead” (Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 8, verses 18 to 22). This is step four to transform your life.

When Things Aren’t Adding Up In Your Life – Start Subtracting

transform your life by subtractingThe fifth and final thing you should eliminate clutter. The energy in your house should flow freely. The lighter your environment, the more energy will circulate. Please keep your home organized, open the windows, let the air and sunlight in, and don’t leave anything in the way.

Try to have your house naturally scented with beautiful plants that you bring in, and feel in your heart that it is your temple and your place, giving you joy to return home and stay home each day. Make your bed every morning and thank it for providing you with rest. Remember, it is also energy.

Try to make your house as harmonious as possible, and it’s not about luxury. It’s about energy in motion. With a clean and balanced house, you will feel a significant change when you apply the five points I have given you.

You will feel lighter and see how situations in your life begin to resolve. Let the energy flow, and your life will ultimately improve. Don’t just take my word for it – try it yourself.

One day, a great metaphysics teacher told me, “If you want your present to be wonderful, your past must die.” Clean your house, eliminate all that negative energy that no longer resonates with you, and soon you will see miracles happen. If you want new things to enter your hands, you must release and let go of the things that no longer serve you.

The state of our home dramatically impacts our energy and overall well-being. It’s incredible how simple changes in our surroundings can profoundly affect our lives. By removing things like clothes we no longer wear, broken objects, and items associated with departed loved ones that do not carry joy, we create space for positive energy to flow freely.

Everything around us carries energy. It’s like a dance between our environment and our energy. When we consciously choose to surround ourselves with things that align with our present selves, we open the doors to incredible transformations.

When parting ways with our belongings, the power of gratitude is a way of honoring their role in our lives and embracing the new chapters that await us. Plus, it feels good to declutter and make room for the things we love and resonate with. This is the final step to transform your life.

Reasons? A Breath of Fresh Air

transform your life with a breath of fresh airCreating a harmonious and vibrant living space isn’t about perfection or expensive decor. It’s about infusing our home with positive vibes. Whether opening the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight, adding beautiful plants, or simply keeping things organized, we invite miracles into our lives by taking these small yet impactful steps. It’s like a domino effect.

As we align our physical environment with our energy, we experience positive shifts and a sense of lightness. It’s an exciting journey of self-discovery and intentional living.

Epigenetics affects us; it starts with our home.

I encourage you to take action and embark on this journey of creating a space that nurtures your spirit and fuels your progress. See how these changes ripple into other areas of your life. Remember, your home is your sanctuary; harmonizing its energy sets the stage for incredible things.

Let’s embrace the power of our environment. Let the positive energy flow and witness the magic unfold in our lives. 


Everything in our home carries energy that profoundly impacts us. Mindfully removing stagnant energies of the past and creating space for positivity to flow freely, we open ourselves to experiencing incredible shifts. Even small changes to welcome more light and organization can set off a ripple effect of miracles. Consciously curating our environment is a powerful way to align with our highest potential.

I share the Law of Attraction in the articles to follow. May God bless you always. Thank you.