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Beauty Products Fight Aging

Silver-Glyconutrient Beauty Products Fight Aging

Ionic Silverworks is reshaping the beauty and body care industry by offering the first lotion, aloe gel and hair conditioner that feature silver-glyconutrients. A powerful discovery that works to prevent aging, silver-glyconutrients work to stimulate stem cells in the skin and promote healthy and vibrant hair. In short, scientist and researchers have identified glyconutrients as the key to proper cellular communication and function. In fact, users report that after using the products their hair and skin feels more vibrant, younger and alive. When glyconutrients are combined with the nourishing qualities of silver, the positive effects are multiplied. Silver, which has been used for thousands of years to keep foods fresh and to help wounds heal, has largely went unnoticed for its healthful benefits–until now. “We are excited to bring the benefits of silver-glyconutrients to people looking to feel and look younger. The response has been truly outstanding,” says Ionic Silverworks President Dale Jansen. In addition to offering beauty and body care products, Ionic Silverworks also offers silver water and is busy developing a new silver sunscreen coming soon!