Beauty Tips for your lower body


LOWER BODY Problem: small butt If you weren’t blessed with a gravity -defying derriere like Kim Kardashian, try Brazilian Stretch Jean with Built in Butt Lift Enhancementir?t=mind development 20&l=as2&o=1&a=b002e9v9pk. Butt Panty Shaper Enhancer Padded Pantiesir?t=mind development 20&l=as2&o=1&a=b001ty595c are no more out of the ordinary than push-up bras, but are simply not as common. Butt enhancement boxers for men are also a growing trend, so no “false advertisement” speech, guys! Problem: big legs If you are insecure about your legs, there are three ways you can make them appear smaller.

If you love wearing pants, choose boot-cut or straight leg styles in a dark shade or mono-tone wash. Dark opaque tights are a great option under dresses and skirts. Lastly, shop for skirts and dresses with an a-line cut.  You may also wear long line Spanx Problem: thin legs Women who dislike their thin legs are in luck this fall. Printed pants have made their way from the runway to retailers. Try bold animal prints, day-glo skinnies or hot pink Betsey Johson tights; they all give the appearance of fuller legs.

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