flowers and tea

Blooming Flower Teas

A Beautiful Gift

Who doesn’t love flowers! Now you can enjoy healthy tea and a Blooming Flower. This has become my favorite way to get flowers. It is a beautiful gift. Here’s to your health!

Although somewhat new to people in the United States, the practice of hand-crafting leaves into ‘blooming teas’ is an age-old Chinese art form that dates back centuries.

These blooming and flowering teas are carefully created by skilled artisans in China. When creating the blooming teas the tea artisans, carefully hand ties jasmine green tea leaves around a flower blossom, that will bloom once steeped.

Blooming and Flowering Teas are truly a unique experience. You can create a beautiful magical, moment, a moment to savor, simply by brewing tea.

The carefully sewn hand-crafted blooming tea petals are put into special glass teapot. Once the hot water is poured, these flowering teas slowly blossom into an array of breathtaking shapes that not only are a delight for the eyes but also for the taste buds.

These teas have been described as “a simple luxury that heightens the tea experience and makes for a singular conversation piece.”

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Quali-Tea Products

Green tea’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities are found in many skin care products designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness,

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