Foods For Health Benefits

Food SourceNutritional ValueHealth BenefitsBeauty Benefit
AloeAloeEctin BStimulates the immune systemSoothing & cool to the skin, and stops pain & itching
AppleCalcium, Iron, Malic acid, Vitamins A & C• Important for growth and the normal development of tissues
• Maintains the health of the skin against infections.
• Protects against many forms of cancer and is also necessary for vision
Apples contain malic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid, which gently sloughs away surface dead skin cells. Apples also serve as a mild astringent and are especially soothing when pureed to a soft pulp and added to other fresh ingredients
AvocadoHigh fat, Protein, Vitamins A , C, E & B6, Folate• Helps the body break down fats, use proteins, and make red blood cells and antibodies aid in red blood cell regeneration and prevent anemia
• Helps balance sex hormones
• Natural anti-depressant and diuretic
• Helps to control allergic reactions   
• Avocado nourishes all the organism and helps cure several ailments        
• Helps to combat harms done by eating meat, digestive problems, rheumatism, kidney, liver and skin infections
Hydrates dry skin, good as face mask. Avocadoes are typically used in fresh face and body masks to soothe and nourish dry skin. Avocado oil, the oil from avocado flesh, is rich and moisturizing. If an unrefined version is used, it can tint the product light green
Baking soda Neutralizes the Ph of the skin and pulls out excess heaSoftens the skin and soothes itching and sunburns
BananaVitamins A, B, & C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium. Potassium can help avoid and regulate high blood pressure;  Good for energetic activity. The starch in less ripe bananas resists digestion and, along with the fruit’s soluble fibre, provides a gentler, longer-lasting energy rise than most sweet foods, which is good for stamina;  Very ripe bananas are high in sugars that are readily assimilated; They benefit muscular system and can improve stamina; Less ripe bananas counter constipation, ripe sugary bananas help relieve diarrhoea; Ripe bananas may raise mood and help sleep. Carbohydrates eaten with little protein are known to have a soothing effect by stimulating serotonin, a substance that raises mood; Ripe bananas eaten on their own supply all the ingredients for this reaction: quickly absorbable carbohydrate, serotonin, its precursor trypophan and vitamin B6;  Bananas are an excellent food to treat anaemia;   Bananas feed the natural acidophilus bacteria of the bowel; Wonderful additives to masks for dry and sensitive skin. Their texture – soft, moist and creamy – is transferred to any product they are used in, so they are especially suitable for use in products made for dry skin. For a simple treatment, gently massage the inner banana peel over dry or inflamed skin and rinse or wipe clean after about 15 minutes The most beneficial part of the banana is the inside of the skin. 
Carrot  Nourishes and regenerates the skin through carotene oils
Caviar Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, B2, B6, D, & E.  Good as anti-aging treatment.
CherryHigh iron and Alkaline contentCherries are excellent, for they depurate, alkalise and mineralise our blood; They are famous for their quality to neutralise the organism acids; They can help gout by lowering uric and acid levels; Gout sufferers build up excess uric acid, a natural waste product of digestion, which forms into crystals in the joints leading to pain and swelling; Acid cherries have astringent properties while sweet cherries are laxative;  Black cherries are recommended against anaemia due to their high iron content;  
ChocolatePhenylethylamine, Vitamins
A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and Pantothenic Acid
  Hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft with a great glow, Freedman said.
Cinnamon   Warms the body and relieves muscle aches and soreness
Cranberry Helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections, particularly cystitis in women; The most common bacteria causing urinary tract infections, Escherichia coli, thrives by attaching itself to the walls of the intestines and bladder. An unidentified substance in cranberry discourages the adhesion; Can help the body’s defences – Cranberries are anti-fungal and antiviral (but not against the Candid albicans fungus that causes thrush); May aid kidney stone sufferers- in those with kidney stones, small amounts of cranberries may help lower urine levels of calcium, preventing stone formation 
CoconutGood range of B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin C. Coconut is a good source of minerals,calcium, iron, magnesium,  potassium and zinc. Moisturizes the skin. Its fatty nature allows it to provide high doses of moisture
Coffee Magnesium, Vitamin E.  Stimulates skin circulation, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, exfoliates, and promotes skin’s natural healing
Egg whitesProtein Tightens the skin
Green teaHigh in anti oxidants Purifies the skin through its antioxidant properties. Stimulates circulation and has anti- inflammatory properties. 
HoneyHigh in Vitamins C, D, E and B complex Hydrates and exfoliates the skin by helping dissolve dead skin
LemonVitamin C and AHA’sDiureticGreat for oily skin and acts as a natural skin lightener
MangoMangoes are rich in vitamins A and C; Their content in vitamin C varies according to the type of mango; They are a useful source of vitamin E and iron; Ripe mangoes are rich in beta – carotene; Mangoes have excellent nutritive qualitiesMangoes are depurative and diuretic; Are good to combat stomach acidity 
MilkProteins, Vitamins A, D, & E Exfoliates the skin through lactic acids
Mustard  Warms and relaxes sore muscles
Nutmeg  Warms the body and helps relieve muscle tension
Oat bran  Hydrates the skin
Oatmeal  Soothes the skin
OrangeOranges combine vitamin C and flavanoids; They provide pectin; High in sodium when completely matured in the sunshine; Oranges are one of the best sources of water – soluble vitamin C;Helps the body’s defences. Vitamin C is vital for resistance to infection, both as an oxidant and in its role in improving iron absorption. Oranges combine Vitamin C with flavorous, such as hesperidins, which seem to strengthen the vitamin’s antioxidant powers;  Anti-cancer potential – In several studies, people who eat more oranges and other citrus fruit have lower rates of some cancers, especially of the stomach. The fruit may block the possible transformation of nitrates and nitrites in foods, especially smoked, into nitrosamine’s associated with stomach cancer;  Pectin helps lower cholesterol. Oranges provide pectin, a form of soluble fibre that helps reduce blood cholesterol, especially “bad” LDL type cholesterol;  Can improve small blood vessels strength. Flavonoids and vitamin C in oranges help maintain cell wall strength, aiding capillary circulation; Excellent for treating over acid body conditions, constipation or a sluggish intestinal tract.Helps strengthen the skin, Skin Repair
PapayaBeta Carotene, Papain, Vitamins A & C. Rich in Calcium, Phosphorous and Iron;Papayas are also thought to have disinfecting properties when applied topically to the skin. Papayas clean the digestive organ;Papayas are diuretic, laxative and refreshing; Helps to maintain the acid –alkaline balance of the body; Used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and fevers; Exfoliates the skin through fruit enzymes For best AHA results Papaya should be unripened
PeachesProvide a good amount of Vitamin C and APeaches are diuretic, depurative and detoxifying so they are wonderful to eat on a weight – loss program;  The body assimilates peaches very easily;  Indicated to help lung debility, liver infections, cancer ulcers, herpes rheumatic pain, arterial hypertension and anaemia 
PineappleIt contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. It also  has calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium, chlorine, sulphur and manganese; Pineapples are an excellent source of vitamin C and have vitamin A, B1 and B2Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which digests food by breaking down protein. Significant evidence pointing to the anti-inflammatory benefits of bromelain.Pineapples are juicy, mildly acidic fruits that contain bromelain, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin.
PumpkinBeta Carotene, Vitamin A.  Best for dry skin.  Exfoliates the skin.
StrawberriesHigh in AHA’s, BHA’s, and Vitamin C, flavonoids, sodium and assimilative ironThey are a traditional diuretic and have an excellent effect on the kidneys; Also used to relieve rheumatism or gout; Strawberries have an alkaline reaction in the body due to their high sodium contentStrawberries are a great skincare additive, especially due to its mildly astringent properties. Strawberry flesh and juice is recommended mainly for oily skin to improve texture, minimize greasiness and encourage a healthy and more radiant complexion.
Sugar caneA natural AHA in which Glycolic acid is derived from  Exfoliates the skin by helping dissolve dead skin
Sweet PotatoBeta Carotene and Vitamins A and C A nice treat for dry skin. Their texture makes them ideal for facial masks for dry and mature skin
TomatoLycopene Great for oily skin. It removes surface impurities, exfoliates, shrinks pores and regulates skin tone.
Vanilla  Calms the mind through scent
YogurtProtein Lactic acids exfoliate the skin
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