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At a special grand opening ceremony with family, friends and Mayor Sam Teresi present, Chocolat Day Spa officially opened its doors to the public.


The full-service day spa offers a variety of options for pampering. In addition to capsule or bed tanning, Chocolat also offers professional skin care from a certified esthetician, massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, hair styling and body waxing.


‘‘Jamestown doesn’t have anything like this,’’ Dwaileebe said. ‘‘It’s where luxurious beauty meets sweet chocolate indulgence.’’

Located in the former Sun Capsule building on Washington Street, the entire business has been remodeled from the floor to the ceiling. The walls are varying shades of ‘‘chocolate,’’ as she described it. Each section is semi-private and loaded with top-of-the-line equipment and products.


The owner explained that Chocolat isn’t just for women and provides many services to men as well.


‘‘We’ve been doing a lot of mens hair cuts,’’ she said. ‘‘And most of the tanning business has been men.’’


Among the tanning customers, their reasons for entering the bed or capsule vary.

Chocolat patron Bob Jaffy explained that his physician recommended tanning as a therapeutic treatment to deal with a skin condition.


‘‘The tanning has really helped me out,’’ he said. ‘‘And Mary’s been just wonderful and taken great care of me. People should come on down and see what she’s up to.’’

In Chocolat, there are chocolates from Peterson’s Candies everywhere. Dwaileebe said that the decision to use chocolate from Peterson’s was a choice of conscience.


‘‘I found better chocolate deals online,’’ she said. ‘‘But I felt that as a local business, it is important to support the other small businesses in the area.’’

She also said that Chocolat is offering gift cards and packages geared toward the coming holiday season.


‘‘It’s kind of like a queen for a day package,’’ she said. ‘‘We are here to pamper our customers. People should stop in and see what we have to offer.’’

Chocolat is open daily with the exception of Sunday. Dwaileebe said that walk-ins are welcome but appointments are appreciated. Those with questions about services or looking to schedule an appointment are encouraged to call 716-664-3472. Please let them know you found them on Spavelous.


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