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Father's Day Best Gift Ideas – From TV's to Spa Gift Cards

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Gift ideas for Dad: For some, a trip to the hardware store approximates nirvana

Ditch the socks and ties this Father’s Day and get that special Dad in your life something he’ll appreciate.

There’s still a week left before Father’s Day, and whether he’s a tech head, athlete or handyman, there are plenty of options for gifts this year.

New tools are the obvious choice for Mike Blas, who says he rarely asks for anything on Father’s Day beyond a family barbecue. This year, he says, he hopes to add a power dome — a portable power station — to add to his collection of tools.

“It’s just something I can have at the ranch and I don’t have to turn my pickup on to plug my cell phone or have light,” he says. “Either way, my family always gets me something I end up using.”

If you don’t know what to get Dad for Father’s Day, Blas says a gift certificate or a trip to his personal favorite weekend spots, Benson’s and the Home Depot are both winners.

“Most men will be fine with that,” the father of three says. “Then we get to pick our own gift.”

Electronics-wise, flat screen TVs are the big-ticket items this year for dads.

Albert Cayanan, owner of ABC Electronix, says bigger is better when it comes to flat-screen TVs, whether they’re plasma or LCDs.

It’s a good time to upgrade, too, because all full-power broadcast stations will be required to convert to a digital format as required by the Federal Communications Commission. On top of that, prices for flat-panel TVs have dropped significantly over the last couple of years, with the changing technology. Conventional TVs with tubes are out, Cayanan says, and LCD, plasma and rear projection TVs are in.

“Flat screen TVs are going to be on everybody’s wish list,” he says. “There are pros and cons to each one — LC’s are thinner and lighter and their power consumption is less. You get a better picture response from plasmas because you get a deeper black.”

New flat panel TV’s can run anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to several thousands, depending on the size.

You may want to get Dad off the couch for his Father’s Day gift and treat him to a core strengthening workout at the Hangin’ High indoor rock climbing gym in Tamuning.

Families can get a workout together at the indoor rock climbing gym. With gift certificates available and a possible special planned for Dad’s on the Monday evening after Father’s Day, Hangin’ High owner Boni Garrido says its a gift that can’t be missed.

“A lot of Dads came in and bought their wives passes,” she says. “They love it and they bring the kids in. It’s a family activity.”

After a long week at the office, time at the gym or even hours spent maintaining the yard, you may want to consider treating Dad to a day at the spa.

Many men enjoy aromatherapy, foot baths and facials at a spa, it is the perfect Father’s Day gift for any hard-working dad, says Ron Romero, spa director of Jiivana Spa for Wellbeing at the Pacific Island’s Club.

About half the clientele at Jiivana are men, Romero says, everyone from triathletes to businessmen.

“We’re trying to educate people that as much as you exercise, you need to invest in restoring and resting,” Romero says. “It’s all part of the bigger picture of wellness.”

For Dads who fear the frills, Romero says, they’re all there for a reason — necessary to unwind and allow your body to accept the full experience. All packages, including the signature Jiivana Journey, start with a 15-minute foot bath and aromatherapy.

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