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Healthy Holistic Weight Loss

50 daysMaybe fad diets aren’t your thing, but you are looking to improve your total health including the mind, body and spirit combined. The book, The Seven Pillars of Health, is a holistic guide to improving your health that dosen’t just rely on diet and exercise alone. Christian author and medical doctor, Tom Colbert, MD, has put together a list of seven essential components to leading a healthy life in seven weeks.

His seven ingredients are: water, sleep and rest, eating living food, detoxification, supplements, exercise and coping with stress. Each of the pillars is to be practiced one week at a time.

Developed under Colbert’s belief that Americans are some of the most unhealthy people in the world, he puts forth a 50-day plan that seeks to change your life, challenge your thinking, motivate, and impact your entire community forever

The Seven Pillars of Health encourages eating a living diet, meaning that food should be fresh and minimally processed. Therefore, saturated fat, sugar, artificial sweeteners and meat are all not allowed.

Since the first pillar is dedicated to water, it should come as no surprise that consuming plenty of fresh water each day is a staple component of The Seven Pillars of Health. In addition, you are instructed to take certain nutritional supplements, most of which Dr. Colbert’s company makes and sells.

Exercise is a key component to leading a disease-free life, according to The Seven Pillars of Health. Exercise is viewed as not just a way to keep the body in shape but to get in touch with nature and improve mood and self-confidence. You are encouraged to exercise on most days of the week by engaging in such activities like walking, jogging or biking outside. Aerobic exercises and fun alternative exercises are described and can be practiced by just about anyone.

The Seven Pillars of Health is a lifestyle guide to optimal life. Focusing on the mind, body and spirit, each of the pillars are broken down, studied and applied for one week at a time. At the end of the seven weeks, you gain a complete approach to healthy living that is supposed to inspire and motivate you to a new way of living.